From Whence it Came

In the days following the terrorist attack, business carried on in some way. Selling the hated lot for cheap, Lawrence washed his hands of the place and focused on the two dens still working half a damn.
"Boss, found some weird shit gettin sold around."
Tossing a vial towards Lawrence, his body guard was the one to catch it and hand it over.
It looked almost like mercury, but a few drips on the tongue brought on a sensory high that made him want more. Whatever had been used for it was top grade and he needed to know what it was.
"Think any of you dullards can work out what its made of?"
The cook that had shown him the vial whistled low and shook his head.
"Sorry boss, stuffs made real good, I haen't seen or made anything like it."
Not surprised, Lawrence waved him off and went to a secluded part of the apartment building he was using.
"Who could figure out what this is?"
Taking a moment to think it over, the guard was stumped.
"I can ask around, but no guarantees Boss."
Lawrence sent the man out, taking the vial with him. Left alone, Lawrence tried to remember his learning when before he was exiled. Bits and pieces came out of the fog in his head, making him smack his head in frustration.
Deciding a walk would help him out, he left the cooks to their devices and went to find somewhere to eat.

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