Orlok and The Cape

The corpse sat up and regarded him with dull, lifeless eyes. She looked ta him and he jumped, holding a plunger up threateningly.

"Master, what is thy bidding?" The woman asked emotionlessly.

"Oh goody. You're not gonna kill me. Go grab all the corpses outside and put them into chemical vat A1." he ordered simply and lounged on his desk.

"Heh. And people say bringing the dead to life is hard. They called me mad."

Orlok chuckled to himself and adjusted the dead pelican on his dead, its entrails spilling over it and leaving bloodstains everywhere.

He'd have to get a proper surgical table soon.

As for now? He was at an impasse. He wasn't sure why but he caught a glimpse of this Logos person's mask and really wanted to smash it in. It was probably for no reason which was reason enough but he got the feeling was all Jealous over the fact that everyone was scared OF FUCKING LOGOS AND NOT ORLOK!!! WHAT?>!?!? WA HE NOT A GOOD ENOUGH SUPERVILLAIN?!?!?!

He sighed and turned to the files on his desk. Three of the potential applicants had turned out to be either too insane not insane enough. He only had one guy to work with but it kind of sucked.

The Yellow Whizz.

Yeah, the name was incredibly dumb, even for a lunatic who thought he was a superhero. But he DID have implants that let him glide around really fast, so that was good.

The only problem was that this young superhero only operated in the upper areas of Oracle where the girls were prettier and still had all their teeth... and could read... and knew what books were

"Master, I have added the corpses to the mix." The Zombie moaned at him.

He grabbed her shoulder.

"I'm glad you asked, Zombie Unit One. You see, I've decided that not only is this world above the topsoil really horrible and filled with mean people, ITS SO FUCKING BORING!!! THERE'S ONLY ONE TERRORIST AND NO CHAOS CULTISTS!!!! This heresy shall not stand?!?!" He broke into mad weeping and Zombie Unit one awkwardly patted him on the shoulder.

"Thank you Mathilda. I am fond of you too." He blew his nose.

"Which, is why, today, We Shall begin recruiting for my grand project to make the world nicer and less boring. I shall call it the green lantern-"

"Copyright infringement detected." Zombie Unit One Intoned.

"The Avengers-"

"Copyright Infringement detected."

"The fantastic four. Wait no, they suck too much. The league of extraordinary.... Gentlemen.... No. The League of Extraordinary Heroes. A sort of league of justice, if you will. It shall be referred to as the LEH for short. Today we begin recruitment plots. Quickly, add mixture seventeen to the corpse pit and then get your wonderwoman costume."

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