The Hive

Beneath the streets of Oracle is the Hive. The Hive is a dark underworld where the forgotten and the forsaken live and die. It was first of all a haven for the refugees from the downed Nemeria and the stranded Hyperion. Though there were very few of the former the latter came down in their hundreds of thousands threatening to overpopulated the then new City of Oracle and strip it of its resources. So the Hive was constructed as a City beneath the City and over time it has grown deeper and darker with many of its denizens never seeing the light of day. The Hive is built in levels.

1. The Underworks - EnCorp SRS

This top layer runs all of the utilities and atmospheric machinery for Oracle. Sewers, fresh water, recycling and power. Veritas grid stations are also dotted around down here. There is a small town at the centre of this level called Sojo, this is where you will find the Blue Rooms and the fabled Flesh Pits. Sojo acts as a conduit between the Hive and Oracle. If it goes in or out Rowan Krieger smacks it on the ass on the way past.

2. Little Tokyo- The Dark City

Little Tokyo is a city apart with its own grid, its own laws and social structure. These people are mainly descendent of the Hyperion refuges. They are not Citizens of Oracle and OSEC does not come down here. Little Tokyo is run by the crime lords and a movement called the Union. The currency of the Dark City is Clicks.

3. The Plates - Titantech Grav Enhancers

Down at the plates Titantech enhanes the gravity of Oracle allowing the citizens to move about in an "earth like" manner. If the plates go down then shit goes sideways up top.

4. The Catacombs

Here is where the scary shit happens. Government projects, rogue mining operations, illegal corporate experiments. This vast cave network is a trove of horror and adventure. Come on down if you dare.

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