Easily Amused

Rowan idly flicked through the view screens in her office. The cam on the Spire held her attention for a moment as she watched the crowds of protesters gathered outside. Raising an eyebrow she flicked a button on her comm panel.

"Recieving." Came the instant response over the speaker.

"Looks like we have a money pit gathering round the Spire. Let's get a crew up there to get some pockets picked and milk it dry. Oh and tell them to stay clear of any New Way nonsense. I do not want that shit on my doorstep."

She turned her attention to the flesh pits enjoying the violence with the usual relish. Scar had just dismembered a biker thug in pit three. She gave a sullen pout wishing she had been stimmed in for that one. Cash flow and ratings were looking good. Which brought her to Orlock.

Hitting another button on the comm panel she sat back and watched the live feed of her crazy new project until Red entered the office sipping on something pink and frothy. They watched in silence for several minutes. Red offered and Rowan took a swig from the froth.

"He really wants to get your attention." Red observed.

"So it would seem." Rowan agreed.

"Shall I have him put down?"

"No not yet." Rowan decided after a moment's thought. "Who is that old earth pop artist he keeps blathering on about?"

"Jason Beeper? No..." mused Red

"Justin Beiber." Rowan remembered, "He hates that guy. Get some Synth masks made up, dress a hand full of goons up as this Bieber character and kick the shit out of him."

"My pleasure boss." Red made to leave but Rowan caught her arm.

"Get my limo ready and put Jimmy Ying in it."

"Interior designer Jimmy?"

"Thats the guy."

"Youre the boss, boss." Red made her exit.

Several minutes later Rowan was taking the line down from Sojo to little Tokyo with a very nervous interior designer and his enterage surrounding her. They pulled up outside of Orlocks co-opted Sewage plant in time to see the tech crew she had ordered vacating the premesis. She gave them a friendly wave as they walked inside.

"Ok Jimmy, you got my brief." Rowan began, "I want wall to wall vintage Beiber posters in every room. I want fake antique merch flooding the place not to mention AR tags everywhere you look. It has to be fast, it has to be camp and it has to be Beiber. Are you my man Jimmy?"

"Always." Jimmy gave a low bow and Rowan left him barking orders to his subordinates. Orlock wanted her attention, well he had it and he would regret it. As she jumped into her limo to leave the soon to be "Beiber Palace" behind her she made a mental note to start auditioning for a Beiber lookalike. God's she was easily amused.

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