False Justice

Gathering what remained of the gang that had attacked him had proved more difficult than Lawrence had thought. Who knew trying to keep your victim alive would be so....annoying.
"You are a sick man boss."
Micheal finished carrying the final boy into Lawrence's room, making a total count of six.
"I do what I must, my friend. You have all the power to walk away."
While he still let the occasional comment slip, Lawrence had begun showing a more friendly tone towards his hired thug.
"Then I would lose my benefits."
Micheal quickly departed to find the right contact, leaving Lawrence to watch the now waking gang leader.
"Ey! What the fuck is going on? You! I tell you, when I get out of this, you're dead for what you did!"
Laughter drowned out the kids angry threats, Lawrence swiftly kicking him in the gut.
"Shut it! You do not get to talk to me that way! I am above you in every way and now you will learn some well-needed humility."
Lost in the moment as this small bit of revenge filled his soul, Lawrence kicked the boy again when he tried to speak.
"All of you little roaches will learn never to cross me, if you survive at all that is."
Whether it was the cold threats given or the repeated abuse, the boy broke down in tears. Lawrence felt a satisfaction fill him that neared a high, giving him a giddy sensation. Being the first time since being exiled that he had felt any sort of happiness, he felt it necessary to give the same punishment to the others as they woke up, though he was filled with sadness knowing he had to make sure no serious bruising was done.

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