Not, The Coming Out Party - Part 02

Downtown - Zone 75
Music City Tower - The Blue Room
23-11-2255. 2330L

The problem or perhaps the best part about taking Twix to parties was the fact that once you put enough drinks into her she was pretty fun to be around.

Looking on Ming couldn't help but laugh clapping her hands as her girl finished singing her own rendition of 'Kissing Strangers' and started in on another favorite titled 'Me! Me! Me!' With holographic dancers cycling through the dance steps in the background.

Recording on musical number on her floating eye for later blackmail and teasing purposes Ming stepped back against the wall where Dukes and Newo stood just as Newo stepped away briefly to collect more drinks.

" So Wrath … " Ming offered aloud. " Do we have a deal ?"

Dukes rolled something around in his mouth before speaking. “Cool it with saying that name.” he whisper shouted. “Two conditions, one I don’t risk getting found out, and I don’t put myself in a place where I know I can’t win the fight.” he said. “Otherwise you hold up your end, I’ll do the same.” he said, his voice oddly serious. Which would be shocking but he was wearing a crown so the ‘serious’ look was almost instantly shattered. “And don’t tell her about this. I think she knows or at least has an inkling about it but the less she knows the better.” Dukes said.

" Done …. " Ming agreed. " No, my girl can take a hit or three but she has a little trouble looking both ways before crossing the street or jumping fist first into a fight."

Ming suddenly laughed waving at Twix as she started dancing in time with the holographic backup dancers as she continued singing.

"Did I ever tell you how me and Twix met, funny story really. It was Halloween and I was like 8 or 9. Some older Hiver kids had snuck into the residential compound and were shaking down the kids for candy and I like a dumbass got tricked into walking right into one of their little rats nests. Only with me It wasn't just about taking away my candy … I was to pretty and these little fuckers had gotten it into their collective Hiver heads that making an example of me would make stealing candy from the other kids that much easier."

Ming smirked shaking her head.

" They had beat me bloody and were about to kill my ass when Fairy Princess Ariel wings and all showed up with a steel pipe and beat the bloody shit out of all five of them. Can you believe that shit … A fucking 7 years old with a steel pipe beat the shit out out of five kids twice her size, and do you know why she did it ?"

" Funniest fucking reason ever…. She did it because she thought I had dressed up as Racer Zero for Halloween and it was Fairy Fucking Princess Ariel's sworn duty to defend Racer Zero from all harm. The character was always saving his ass in the bloody cartoons and Twix felt that because she had to dress up as Fairy Princess Arial for Halloween that it was she sworn duty to defend the cartoon characters honor."

Ming couldn't help but laugh herself to near tears as she recalled the event.

" I kid you not, she was even shouting the stupid catch phrases and everything while she beat the shit out of them. ' By the power of truth and love victory shall be mine'... "

Ming shook her head. " She helped me home afterwards and it wasn't even a month later that our parents agreed to a contract of marriage between me and Twix. My mother said it was fate if you can believe that shit… and bad luck to not recognise the divine at work."

Ming shrugged. " Funny thing was that Racer Zero was the character that Twix always wanted to be like when she grew-up, and after that night my dream became growing up to be Fairy Princess Ariel… How messed up is that?"

“Not as messed up as you’d think.” he said lowering his sunglasses a bit and pointing to a scar in his eyebrow. “I know a thing or two about standing up for someone.” he said, “My head met a sink.” he said. “That’s a long story though. I wouldn’t want to bore you. You probably heard it before anyway.”

Ming shrugged. " Everybody likes a good story Dukes, I'm sure you have several given the whole secret identity thing ...That's gotta be a hard one to pull off."

“Not as hard as you’d think.” he smirked. “But the scar.” Dukes began. “Remember back in seventh grade when that group of guys all got expelled and nobody would talk about why?” he questioned but didn’t wait to long for the answer. “Well, it involved Newo.” Dukes said looking back at the bar where was standing talking to someone. “She doesn’t really like the story being told so, this stays between us.” he went on. “But one day, after she started to grow her hair really long. The guys the ones that always hung around Brent. Tall basketball kid. Well Newo waited till she thought everyone had left to take a shower. Well she got cornered by the 6 of them. They had some messed up stuff planned, Newo was sobbing and struggling. They had her pinned down, and gagged.” he paused. “Ming...they had a broomstick.” he said. “Gods only know what would have happened I hadn’t forgotten my gym bag. They realized how fucked they were and, were going to try to shut me up. Slammed my head into one of the sinks. Busted my forehead open. A lot of it gets sort of fuzzy after that, but I do remember the full on assault I layed down. Broke Brent’s wrist, broke some guy named Jon’s ribs. After I knocked out 3 of them they basically scattered. Don’t think they were expecting one guy to be able to stand up to them. I untied her and next thing I knew I woke up in the school clinic with micro staples in my forehead.” he finished putting his sunglasses back on. “Not as poetic as yours but it’s crazy. Some people think its why I am as weird as I am today. A blessing if true.” Dukes tried end in a joke like he always did in awkward situations.

Ming offered him a quick look and a smile. " Newo's lucky to have you, I can see now why she tries so hard."

Dukes gave Ming a look of “I know…” as Newo started back with a drink that looked like it was steaming.

The party rooms giant displays suddenly went dark before exploding into music and bright colors and as the race Highlights were suddenly and dramatically replaced by the smiling face of Glimmer Jones followed quickly by his back up dancers as they moved seamlessly through a dance route like something from old world Vegas musical number.

" Racers !" Glimmer announced a sending the corners of his sparkling white cape into the air at the routines climax. That single word the all too familiar beginning his universally recognized catchphrase. " Start… your … engines.. !!!"

The banner announcing this years 500 filled the screen before the first block of 50 names carved in steel dropped onto the screen with a metallic thud. This one followed by another and another until all 500 Racers had been named and ranked.

"Son of a bitch..." Ming cursed as the name of the Ice Princess appeared in the 98th slot on the board. " That's way higher than we wanted her to start out for this event." Ming sighed clearly worried.

Names both familiar and unfamiliar followed Ming taking note of the names they knew as the list counted down.

Crimson Krush … 94th

Wrecking Machine … 91st

Hunter Anaconda … 88th

Jolly Jack … 82nd

Hammer Time … 77th

Mary Christmas … 75th

Katana … 61st

Sudden Death … 52nd

Widowmaker … 30th

The Wrath … 27th

The Blue Meanie … 23rd

Vector1 … 13th

Glimmer Jones smiling face appeared filling the screens his voice echoing through the room as he spoke.

" Damn...!!!" He screamed out of the screens. " I know what you're thinking baby… Your thinking Glimmer Jones you bitch, have you been keeping secrets. Baby you know me … You know I always save the best for last. So here they are baby boys and baby girls…. This years Top 10 !!!!"

A single steel block with the names of the Top 10 Racers crashed through the other blocks one by one until it stood alone on the screens.

The Brakes … 10th

Thraxx … 9th

Poison Kiss … 8th

The Bull ...7th

The Plague ...6th

Remix… 5th

Calypso … 4th

Bad Karma … 3rd

Hanzo … 2nd

Vengeance … 1st

Footage of the Top 10 Racers skill and mastery of their machines proved both amazing and terrifying to watch at the same time..

The dark haired beauty named Bad Karma seemingly able to race on not only the track but also the walls and ceiling unhindered by the Laws of gravity it seemed.

The one named Hanzo not only able to move at blinding speed but was armed with glowing blue blade that appeared to be able to cut both Racer and his machine in half in a single fluid motion.

The last was Vengeance … The footage showing a man on a blue bike able to perform amazing feats of acrobatics. One scene showing him doing a flip over a stream of tracers being fired from the door gunner of a OSEC armored floater.

Twix who had joined Dukes, Newo,and Ming by the back wall nudged Ming pointing to the screen. " That's him, That's the Racer I saw in the parking garage after I escaped the gun crazy whatever it was."

Ming could only frown nodding her head because she like everyone else in the room had only known the names of this years favorites and while she had prepared for them as best she could these New Racers she had never even heard of before and these were as of this moment the Racers to beat.


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