Weekend at the Garden's - Part 01

Downtown - Zone 8
South Station - Maglev Terminal
24-11-2255. 0940L

Twix arrived at the South Station Maglev terminal just before 10:00 overnight bag in hand dressed in 'something nice' as Ming described it. Powder white and done up like one of those model's in the corporate sales catalogs dressed in an eggshell white babydoll summer dress and matching sensible heels. Ming had even done up her hair and thought to include a purse … or in this case a silver and gold clamshell bag with a double chain to hold the little extra's a proper young lady could never go without.

Ming had even made her use Nano-dermal concealer to hide the few tattoo's Twix did have on her wrists and cafes because as Ming put it 'Corporate culture at the Gardens is as conservative and stuck-up as they come and even the cleaning staff has a gold rod stuck up their collective ass'.

Thankfully she didn't have to wait long as Professor Ironside arrived at the gate shortly she had dressed in something a little less stuffy than his classroom attire and yet somehow tasteful … She'd even venture to say that he cut a dashing figure if she was into that kind of thing.

" Miss Rand or should I call you … " He offered as he drew near enough for her to find herself annoyed by how much taller he was to her even in heels.

She had been about to say Twix but realized that for this weekend at least she needed to present herself as a proper lady.

" Athena... " she offered, noting how foreign her own given name sounded to her. " And unless I'm wrong I will still be calling you Christopher or would you prefer Daddy ?"

There was a brief look of shock before he caught on that she was kidding him and smiled. " Christopher would be fine thanks. I must say I'm surprised I almost didn't recognise you."

She couldn't help but smirk at the comment. " Yes, I'm told I clean-up nicely for a little girl who plays in the mud."

Christopher nodded. " You do indeed clean-up rather nicely but my thinking was more in line with what an attractive young woman you are when you allow yourself to be."

She regarded him for a minute not entirely certain if his comment was an insulting or complement. " I'm told beauty as a measure of worth is subjective at best."

Christopher paused and smirked as well at his own embarrassment. "I just sounded like your teacher didn't I ?"

" Oh yes." Twix nodded her agreement extending her hand. " Ticket please ?"

Christopher nodded handing over the envelope.

" And the Money ?" She said examining the envelopes contents.

Christopher nodded. " It's all there as agreed."

" Good… " She nodded not bothering to count out the credits as she pulled the ticket from the envelope and stuffed it and its contents into her purse before taking his arm in hers. " Lets go check-in and find our seats shall we."

As a rule Twix hated security checkpoints and made it a point to avoid them whenever possible. The reasons being simple enough given that security scans more often than not shared more about you than you would otherwise be willing to share with people who really had no business knowing your business.

Take Professor Ironside's security profile that popped up on the Security display the moment he walked through the scanner.

In an instant she knew more about him than she'd ever really want to… his real age, his biometrics. She knew he was overdue for a Red Fever vaccination and that his hardware profile was limited to just a Corps Link a Bio Monitor and Class D Cerebral Computer. As wire heads went he was a bloody virgin.

A deep breath and she stepped through the scanner hearing the telltale alert that flagged her as being more than a little wired. An alert which not only drew the attention of the security team but also the Professor and everyone else for that matter.

" Ma'am ?" The guard motioned her to one side while they did ran further checks. " Ma'am, I have to ask if your armed?"

"No, I'm not armed." She sounded off in annoyance. " Check my medical, It will go quicker."

The guard smiled nodding while the Professor glanced over the guards shoulder at the display turning a shade whiter than he already was.

After a brief review of her records the guard at the security station gave a nod and the guard told her she was free to go. It was too late however the damage had already been done and she could tell from the look on Christopher's face that he had questions he wanted to ask. Questions she wasn't entirely sure she'd be able to answer to his satisfaction.


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