Working the Body Shop - Part 2

Zone 21
The Body Shop

The hours dragged on it seemed and the bodies kept coming.

Pausing briefly to take a break Nagoya sighed to herself running the numbers in her head.

She had already cleared a dozen or so and was still looking at a backlog of 20 on the tables with another 58 or more stacked up in the freezers and the word coming down was that more were on the way. Honestly she couldn't remember the last time business was this good.

Nagoya sighed again dropping the used mono-blade scalpel onto the tray with a collection of other used gore covered instruments. "Igor! I need this tray cleared and another kit prepped."

There was a sharp angry chirp as the bot appeared from among the maze of waiting tables its display and indicators glowing red in annoyance.

" Stop your bitching, real nurses cost money." Nagoya fired back knowing full well what the bot was going on about.

Igor for his part made a series of rude noises as he collected the used tray disappearing again briefly only to return after a moment with fresh tray and kit.

" You know you weren't cheap either. You and your brother and sister cost me a fortune." Nagoya grumbled aloud. " Hells, I'm still pay off the loan ... Do you know how much your collective metallic asses put me in the hole? "

Another rude noise sounded off from somewhere among the waiting tables.

" Fine, you know what. If you think I'm gonna stand here and put up with your attitude all morning you go get vacuumed. You can just go roll your little ass up to receiving and help Franklin and Shelly clean the shit off the floors." Nagoya sounded off. " Honestly your an ungrateful little shit Igor ..."

Igor rolled away sounding off something that was a close to "fuck you" as the bot could manage.

Shaking her head in annoyance she had been about to break the seal on the new kit when the buzzer sounded again.

"Frakk me... "


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