Weekend at the Garden's - Part 05

Dome 4 - Zone 131
Shi-Ying Holdings - The Grand Alexandria
24-11-2255. 2238L


The moment the word lit up the display the crowd gathered at the bar watching the race play out went nuts. Widowmaker had for the second year in a row claimed the first Fatality of the season. The replay showing in painfully slow motion how the duel had ended as she had suddenly braked and extended her arm outward the blade hidden in the dermal sheath of her forearm suddenly extending catching the novice Racer unaware just under the faceguard of his helmet, his head separated from his shoulders in a single smooth motion.

Sure it was possible that his head could be recovered and replaced but for scoring purposes he was as dead as you could get.

A moment later Widowmaker crossed the line and the race was hers as well.

Twix suppressed the urge to cheer as well. She may have been one of Widowmakers biggest fans last year but this year she was the competition.

Offering a quick glance towards Christopher it was obvious to her that he had not enjoyed the race at all.

" So you're into this kinda thing ? " He offered catching her looking in his direction.

She nodded but said nothing.

Christopher gave one of his disapprovings looks and a hint of a frown before continuing to speak. " I guess I can understand the appeal but I can also understand why OSEC has classified the sport as illegal."

Twix nodded her agreement. " It's not for everyone."

Christopher clearly wanted to offer more of an opinion but could read her expression well enough to know that his opinion was not shared.

" We don't have to stay for the next race." She smiled warmly resting her hand on his thigh teasing him with her fingers as she leaned closer. " If it was really that bad, I guess I could make it up to you."

" Oh, do you have something in mind." He inquired.

Twix smiled wickedly and leaned closer whispering something naughty into his ear before taking his hand in hers and drawing him to his feet as she stood as well.

She was heading for the for the exit arm and arm with Christopher when a familiar laugh drew her attention briefly to one of the nearby tables where a group of young well dressed socialites was seated talking privately.

At first she was clueless as to why the laugh was so familiar until her eyes fixed on the all too familiar features and she was able to put the voice to the face nearly pissing herself than and there.

The voice belonged to Dita Chroma the reason that Twix had overlooked her the whole time was because she was not wearing her normal chaotic mass colorful cosmetics and sporting a head of neon colored hair.

In fact Dita Chroma looked absurdly normal with shoulder length blonde hair and a minimum amount make-up. In fact the woman seated at the table looked normal in every way dressed in an emerald green evening gown and simply chatting with friends.

It was only after Twix had realised who the laughing woman was that she came to realise who her companions were as well.

The man on her right hand was The Blue Meanie himself but not the laid back slacker that she knew from the highlight reels. This version was well groomed with long blond hair dressed in a designer suit of marble white and seat across from him was Wrecking Machine nearly unrecognizable having ditched the psycho Junker look in favor of clean cut and dressed in a tailored dark blue suit both males event sporting a corporate logo pins that she could only just make out.

Unsurprising it was Dita who noticed her first rolling her eyes and looking away in annoyance at her apparent discovery. Her lips making out the words fangirl to her two companions who both offered a quick glanced in Twix's direction.

The Blue Meanie clearly didn't know her from Eve and was content to blow off the encounter but the same could not be said about Wrecking Machine who recognized her at once … Most likely because ever highlight reel she had seen of the prick all week often involved him licking the crotch or tits of her photos before the filth in his head came pouring out his mouth …

" Shit..." Twix cursed softly turning her attention to getting her and Christopher out the exit sooner than later. She however was clearly not fast enough because a sharp curse could be heard from behind her as they reached the doors. The reflection in the mirrored glass on the doors showing that while Wrecking Machine was clearly looking the other way she unfortunately gained the full attention of the other two at the table.

" Fuck me sideways … " She hissed sharply as she nearly dragged a very suprised Christopher down the corridor back to their room.


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