The Weekends Over

Dome 4 - Zone 131
Shi-Ying Holdings - The Grand Alexandria
25-11-2255. 0200L

When it came to sex youth and energy always won out over age and experience and it didn't matter how many doses or upgrades you were packing. Thus by 2am Christopher was finished and passed out cold on bed spent and with a smile on his face.

Twix wasn't like professionally good in bed or anything but in her experience she'd never had any complaints about how well she had performed.

That said it was 2am and she was staring at the clock on the bedside worried about the chance encounter from earlier. It was obvious she had seen something she wasn't supposed to and someone was going to want to talk to her about it. The question being would it be a civil exchange or was it going to involve threats of violence.

Sighing she glanced at Christopher lying asleep in bed worried that whatever happened would fuck-up what she had going with the Professor.

" Services, Record message please." She announce grabbing her dress off the back of the chair and starting to get dressed.

" Services ready… " The rooms system responded.

" Hey Chris, really really hungry … I saw a Cafe when we were on our way to the Oasis for dinner last night. I'm going to see what they have in the way of midnight snacks … I'll bring you back something if anything's good."

Dressed she did a quick fix of her hair and a light touch up on the make-up before finally heading out the door.

The cafe's waitress had not even placed the desert dish and fruit juice on the table when a friendly male voice announced himself as he seated himself across from her.

" So the Princess herself… " Wrecking Machine announce smiling in a surprisingly friendly fashion as he collected the menu from the placement opposite hers and started looking over the offerings. " And if you don't mind me saying. Much much better looking in person."

" I do believe that is the nicest thing you've said about me all week." She noted before taking a bite of her coffee cake. " I believe your last statement regarding me consisted of you running my tight little loli ass over and than beheading me and fucking my skull until their was no life in my eyes… or something to that effect."

He gave an embarrassed look nodded his agreement. " Something like that."

" Very romantic by the way … " She offered. " Honestly, I swooned. You just have this way with words that overpowers my sense of self preservation."

He seemed taken aback for a moment by her remarks until it dawned on him she was being sarcastic.

" So, here of all places. I can honestly say that I did not see that coming." He admitted.

" Life is full of surprises." Twix agreed. " I'm surprised you guys didn't come pounding on the door to my suite after we left the Pharaoh Room."

" We didn't know your room number so … " He shrugged. " That said I think you and I need to talk seriously about something else like your future for example."

" My future… " She offered glancing upwards her gaze fixed on the Internal Security Badge he held up for her to see. " Oh Fuck me sideways. " she cursed lookng away.

Wrecker nodded. " So Athena, let's talk about how you're going to help me keep your pretty little ass out of detention for the rest of your life."


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