Orlok and the Revelation

Orlok wasn't entirely sure how he had gotten out of the hive and into some of the upper districts that were Oracle's equivalent to middle class districts be he knew WHY he was there.

Info on Bastiocorp. As it turns out he'd originally been quite sane AND SMART TOO and his rampant lunacy had been a result of the bastards wiping his brain. HE NEEDED THERAPY.

He'd had to ditch his meager weaponry to get in and mug some plus size old lady for her getup. He was now strolling around feeling just a touch humiliated, dressed as an old woman and giving himself premature posture problems bending his 6'6 height onto one of those walker thingies old people used. It sucked. His shades were in his back pocket, next to the single wooden club he'd snuck past security.

His target? The place he was HOPING would have all of the information he'd need on Bastiocorp. As it turns out the little bastards had wiped him and dumped him over a freaking massive cache of very valuable rocks. The lack of anything in the news the last few months would indicate they were either sitting on it or selling it on the sly before word got out how fucking loaded they were and there was a rush for it.

He just had to... get in touch with the right people... Preferably discreetly.


In one of the many windows of the spire that were actually bulletproof, a janitor was startled when a brick was slammed against a window before sliding off.


"The fuck?" The janitor began.

A second brick hit the window and fell off.

"Um, somebody call security... There's an old lady throwing bricks at our window." A passing man said.


"Hmm, gonna need something tougher. Luckily there's some construction equipment here." Orlok chuckled as he climbed into the control pod for a tipper hovercraft. He grabbed some spray paint cans from some nearby young gang bangers that were watching him in abject fascination.

Hopefully those two clowns actually remembered him.


A security camera in the spire caught a shot of an old woman driving a hovertruck into one of the upper windows, the words 'ROMEO, PIPER, NEED TO TALK TO YOU!!! KNOW SOME STUFF YOU'LL WANNA HEAR!!!!!!' hastily painted on the front.

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