Hope Your Wearing a Cup

Romeo gave the signal to stay down as he peered around the corner warily. Piper nodded her understanding, and ducked down low to the wall, ready to move on his say so. Just to be safe, she watched behind them as he moved ahead silently sweeping the area with his weapon. Turning back to Piper, he motioned for her to move up, crooking two fingers to wave her forward. Crouching low, Piper silently as she could, stayed low, hot on Romeo’s heels. Romeo held up two fingers and pointed to the left. Shit! That meant two of them, to the left, bunched up just like he said they might. Piper chewed on her bottom lip and waited for his signal, all of her muscles coiled and ready to spring. The Alpha nodded to her again and held up holding up four fingers, then three, then two --

Piper stood up, cocking her head to the side. The hell you mean someone is at the window asking for us by name? She asked Wren.

Romeo did a double take, firing blindly as he put Piper between himself and the wall, paint shots ricocheting off his body.

“Ow … ow ow ow … OW!! PIPER!?!” Romeo snapped trying to pull her out of whatever Neo daze she was in. “I’m sorta of getting SHOT here?!”

Romeo shot one of the exposed overeager pups with a paintball to the groin. “That's what you get for not wearing a cup!? My Neo is Neoing so CHILL!” Romeo said clearly ticked about his backside looking like some ugly modern art.

The guns weren’t as loud as she’d thought they’d be, but then most of the alphas barrel ported their own weapons to make them quieter for stealth. It helped because she was trying to get the details from Wren, as well as other Neo who were clamoring in.

“The protesters,” she replied, ignoring the paint. “There’s one of them outside in a hover truck, trying to break a window to get in.” She zeroed back into the situation at hand. “Wren said she has a sign, and she knows our names.” She pointed to Romeo and herself. “Romeo and Piper, Need to talk to you?”

Romeo signaled to pause the exercise much to the protest of the other Alphas.
“Come on!” One of them complained. “We finally got you fair and square, old man! Who took down Frosty? WE took down Frosty.”

“My finely genetic tailored ass you did.” Romero shot back.

“I am never not wearing a cup again,” Tragedy whined through clenched teeth as he lay on the ground.

“Any further complaints can take it up with the violent end of my paintball gun. You were saying, Piper? Some weirdo trying to call us out? Is this a tear gas moment or something?” He asked still holding out his paintball gun waiting for the next complaint.

“Always with the tear gas -- “ Piper replied, “But yes, maybe. Some weirdo in a hover truck is trying to call us out, says on a sign ‘know some stuff you’ll want to hear.’ I don’t know it that’s about, but if they break the window, they break the shield. Oh, and--” she added, “your genetic tailored ass IS fine.” She shot a glance to the other alphas, feeling smug enough in the fact that she did have the best of the lot of them. “The finest.”

The younger Alpha’s responded with a wolf whistle and catcalls. “Damn right and don’t you all forget it …” He said waving the paintball gun at the pups. ” ... so we tear gassing this jack ass or …” Romeo didn’t have an alternative option honestly. It was, to the Alpha, the most passive action in his arsenal.

“Oye? Does this mean we get to run crowd control?!” Roach popped his head from around the corner. “Fuck happened to you Trag?” He blinked looking at the poor pup on the ground.

Tragedy winced and waved his weapon in Romeo’s direction, as the Alpha pup gulped a few deep breaths and rolled to his feet. His stomach still felt queasy from the shot, but no way was he going to miss any real-world action like crowd control. “Frosty shot me in the boy bits.” He tattled like a little bitch. “No cup.”

“Bold move … how can he always tell? It’s a bit disturbing … IM WEARING A CUP! IM WEARING A CUP!” Roach ran trying to protect his tenders as Romeo shot at him.

“Uppity pups.” Romeo said with a huff. “So are we going to take this seriously or is this another conspiracy theorist.”

“I’d like to know who knows us.” Piper replied, clicking her tongue against her teeth “I mean, the only outsider really was Sy, and Wren said if definitely isn’t Sy. And I’m a little curious about what we’ll want to hear, but I tell you what, I promise if it is a crackpot? You can teargas the hell out of ‘em.” She went to drape an arm around his waist, but the fact that the Alpha was still wet with paint convinced her to instead walk with her hands at her sides.

Having left the gallery, outside of the Spire, Romeo was armed with more than just a paint gun as he, Piper and the two Alpha pups looked up with curiosity at the oddball lightly tapping a hover truck into the window.

“Should I bring it down?” Piper asked, side glancing to her Alpha.

“Without a question.” Romeo concurred. No tear gas for dumbass trespassers today.

Piper closed her eyes for a split second and drifted into the hover truck flying above, it was as intelligent as the nimrod who’d tried to escape Sy’s by boosting an OSEC hoverbike. With a small smile, she brought the truck down by letting it drop like an amusement park ride, until bringing it to a halt a few feet in front of her and the Alphas. It was as exactly as Wren described - a ratty looking old … lady? Holding a spray-painted sign, calling her and her Alpha out by name.

“Wow … words fail me.” Romeo said and drew his gun. “My gun, on the other hand, has plenty to say so you best tell me why the hell you’re on Spire property because I am well within my rights to end you ya hag.” He said pulling the hammer back on his vintage style gun.

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