Orlok gave Romeo a dry look as he clambered out of the truck. Stupid emergency shielding on the windows. NO RETCONNING.

"Well, hello to you too, Romeo. And Piper. And assorted abducted children." He rolled his eyes and pulled his latex mask off, revealing his face. He donned his still broken sunglasses and sighed.

"Yeah, I don't expect you to remember me. My name is Orlok. You handed me my arse back in Rowan's fight pit. Regardless, I think I know who one of Logos' higher tier agents is and where he operates, same chap that put the screws on my brain, hence why when you first me me I was completely insane. I'm better now. You're welcome to search me for weapons. Mind if we talk inside?" He raised a superior eyebrow at Romeo and Piper.

Ah, it was amazing to be British again. He felt so alive now that he had his crisp, wonderful, Enunciated posh accent back. Ah, and the calmness that came with knowing he was of superior stock.

"Colonial Peasants." He sipped at a flask of tea and on voice command "Rule Britannia" began to play from the truck while the tank ignited itself and it caught fire.

"ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!! ORANGE IS THE COLOUR OF MY LOYALTY!!!" Erupted from speakers in the truck.

Orlok chuckled and made sure to poke a finger out while he took a sip of his tea.

"Oh, by the way. It is actually good to see you two again. Romeo, you owe me a rematch. Come along. Prying eyes out here." Orlok walked over to the entrance and gestured to the door.

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