Orlock and the Spire-Block

“God dammit -” Romeo started slapping his palm to his forehead.

“Holy SHIT it’s the screwball that humped Frosty's leg int he arena!” Roached laughed.

“He did NOT hump my leg!” Romeo shot back.

“He totally did!” Roach snarked.

“I will punch you.” Romeo said with a scathing glare.

“He’ll do it,” Tragedy said with a nod, shifting his weight from foot to foot, the shot he took earlier fresh in his mind and below the belt.

“Oh yeah!” Piper said, recognizing the man from the television. “The Crea...reality show guy.” Luckily there wasn’t another Neo around to catch the comment that time. “My Romeo 457 did kick his ass down in the Hive.” She chuckled and shot a glance to her Alpha with a prideful smile. It was short-lived, however, listening to what the creampuff had to say. Abducted children, she thought bitterly, How many people bought into that?

However, the jolly demeanor of the conversation turned when Orlock all but invited himself into the Spire and went to approach the doors.

Roach and Tragedy move to block the door and drew their guns. “That's a no go Creampuff.” He warned to ex-reality star.

Romeo put his gun back in the holster. “Crazy or not no one that’s not a Neo or Alpha goes into the Spire. Period.” The Alpha explained.

“Please don’t test them. Alpha’s tend to be really shoot first, ask never.” Piper said with a shrug. “So if it’s all the same, why don’t you just tell us what you have to say about Logos?”

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