Lexi Strikes Again Part 3

The Skye apartment, as it turned out, did not have all the ingredients one would need to make waffles, but they did have the ever present protein paste, and sandwiched on bread, toasted in a waffle iron, it wasn’t even a reasonable facsimile, but the Skye’s were used to making due with what they had. Lexi either seemed content with her half a rain, or she had a stash hidden, but even she didn’t complain much about the culinary offering Cyd made for her and Math.

In between bites of waffled protein smear, Lexi would hold the fork up to her face and stare at the prongs. “You know, if you rip a hole in a net, there are actually fewer holes in it than there were before.” Lexi shrugged and laid her hand flat on the table, spreading her fingers far apart. She began playing stabberscotch, jamming the fork down against the table in the space between her fingers. She managed to bend the handle of her utensil on the third try. It proved entirely unsuited for waffle excavation from that point and after dropping the waffled protein disk on herself Lexi gave up. She’d eaten three bites. “Pills,” she cued Cyd and sucked loudly on her pacifier.

“I know a five year old that eats cleaner that you,” Mathias muttered with his mouth full.

“You had,” Cyd told her, tugging on the end of Lexi’s hair, “and you need to sleep. I hear there may be a rave tonight, you want to look good for it, don’t you? Bring in some big crowds?” It both bemused and irritated her that she spoke to her youngest sibling the same tone as if she was talking to a young child for practically her whole life, but with Lexi, everything was pretty much bargaining.

“Well...is almost noon and you know I like to sleep the worst part of the day. Will Matty be there tonight with his drug coat?” Lexi rested her heavy head on the arm of the couch.

“Let’s see if I have a job when I get back to work, hmm?” The drug slinging redhead was a dark cloud at the moment for obvious reasons.

“If he’s not, I’ll bring the party favors for him, how’s that?” Cyd placated.

“I could peddle the drugs tonight. You know I’m good at it.” Lexi didn’t sound particularly hopeful that either of her siblings would bite that hook, but she’d been trying to get in on the gig for…adding wasn’t her fortay, but it had been a lot of time.

“Oh Hell … no.” Matty said, nearly spitting out his food.

“Lexi, you’d be a kid in a candy store. And who would make sure everyone shuffled? You can’t be high when you sell. Math’s rules: Clicks, no credits, and no drugs till after he has his jacket back. Want to stay clean the whole rave, or you wanna be rollin’?”

“I don’t understand why it has to be before and after. When I’m dancing on stage everyone pays more when I’m high. So Matty would make more money if I sold pills for him while I was high. It’s easy math even I can figure out.”

“Which is why you are eye candy, not selling hard candy.”

“Excuse me, but I’m way more than eye candy. I’m a full service girl with a pricing structure and everything. I’m a business woman, Cyd. I have the prices memorized.” Which was an absolute lie. Lexi had nothing memorized. Lexi didn’t even know the number on the door to her parent’s apartment where she’d lived for eighteen years and she’d walked past it less than ten minutes ago. While most of her cyber implants were cosmetic in nature, as were most of native assets, she did possess the two tiny drones equipped with holo emitters - yet more gifts from her sugar daddy, whom she had not seen or heard from in ages. The drones housed themselves inconspicuously in her hair accessories or kandi beads or nipple tassles, but they stayed with her excepting for those barest of moments. Lexi had more implants than the rest of the family combined and the holo emitters were some seriously useful pieces of tech. But Lexi was…Lexi. The most creative use she’d thought to put them towards was to display a menu with prices for the services she offered. Her mother had once accidentally walked in on her while she was studying her own bill of fare and you’d have thought mom had actually seen something risque. “I’m just memorizing my prices, Mom.” That had not alleviated the Skye Matriarch’s shock. The fact that each activity on the list was accompanied by a video projection of the feat for hire was probably what shocked Mom the most, though Lexi foolishly assumed it was due to the high prices. So Lexi had lowered her rates, thinking that would make everything all better again. And instead of trying to memorize an entirely new set of prices, Lexi just committed to using the holo emitter each time she dilated her carte du jour for horny men to see.

“Lexi the fundamental difference between selling drugs and dancin on a table … is both you and the drug are merchandise. People pay me to bring them drugs. Me the entrepreneur ... “ Mathias pointed to himself. “... drugs the merch. Take drugs without paying I kneecap ‘em. You dance on a table … you get money hence you are the merch. Get it? Good!” Mathias huffed. He was going to a pill all day long now. “Also Lexi … I’m only ever going to stay this once … we can talk about it later, if you remember but never ... EVER … come to my work place ever again. Understand? Nod … faster. Now repeat what I just said about my work place?” He requested putting on his lab coat. Mathias didn’t think of himself as quick tempered but Lexi had been in rare form today and if he got fired there was going to be dark times for the Skye family. Not just the Skye family but he had three kids now depending on him.

“Never come at my workplace again,” Lexi mumbled, but Cyd jumped in quickly.

“You have time to drop off Axel’s car?” she asked. She wasn’t sure what possessed Mathias to give Lexi his work address to begin with, but with the mood he was in, there was no way she was going to ask. “Otherwise I can drop it off on my way to scout.”

“I can get it back to Axel,” Mathias said with a heavy sigh. “I hope one day we look back at this and laugh … hopefully without it involving me strangling Lexi … do not tell me how much it costs to strangle you!” Mathias warned, seeing his two-brain-celled younger sister’s finger twitch.

Lexi had the good sense to quickly dismiss the menu she’d been calling up. She honestly couldn’t remember how much it was for erotic asphyxiation, but she knew weird shit cost extra.

“Walking him down. Lex, be right back,” Cyd called, closing the apartment door behind her. Discussing rave party favors was always best done out of earshot of their younger sibling. “You gonna be okay, Matty?”

Mathias snorted. “Who the hell knows … maybe no one even noticed. How’d she even find out where I worked?! Lexi! The same girl who thought a fluffer was someone who got paid to fluff pillows!” He threw up his arms exasperated. “What was she thinking, Cyd?” It was a rhetorical question because they all knew the answer. Lexi wasn’t thinking.

“I wouldn’t tell her, honest and swear. Mom may have for emergency situations - you know how she is. Oh, and mom still believes that’s what a fluffer is, let’s not find reason to bring that up in front of her. Ever.” Cyd padded down the apartment stairwell next to her brother. “If you can’t make it -- I can sell for you tonight, if you have any Devils or Rain, or those bikers REALLY are diggin’ your Nitros. DJ Digi Kitty’s got a set, four sets as an opener, if I can get Lexi down for a nap and get done what needs done, but after that, I’m the best salesman you got. And speaking of bikers…. How’s Katana?” She added in a sing song voice.

Mathias waved away the Katana question as if trying to physically bat it from the sky. “She’s fine, busy racing. About as busy as I am with a 9 to 5, a side hustle and raising three street urchins who started calling me … Old Man, Pops and Daddy.” He said demonstrating by holding up a finger for each name. “I’ll be there tonight. I’ll have to run back, settle the kids in and then I can run out,” he said as they made their way down to street level.

“Adorbs little urchins at that. I can manage, if you can’t make it and want some quality Daddy Matty time. Just let me know, and I’ll come pick up the candy store.”

“It’s fine … just … remind lexi I DO love her but I will feed her to the starving street urchins if she does it again? We all got problems and jobs. We always get through it. I’ll catch you tonight. Okay?” Mathias feeling worn out by today's events dragged a hand across his face.

Cyd stood on her tiptoes and gave her brother a quick hug. “I’ll drive the point home, baby brother. You just get the car back to Axel, and get your ass back to work. Call me if anything. I’ll get you deets when I have them.” She kissed her first two fingers and waved them good-bye as Matt took off in Axel’s old car, watching him completely drive off before resigning herself to go back upstairs and deal with Lexi.

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