Too many days.
How long had it been since he caught those boys? How long did it take to shut them up?
Too damn long.
“Boss? Where you at?”
Rolling off of his bed, Lawrence stumbled to meet his partner mid-high.
“There he is! What does my best mate have for me today?”
The drugged mans smile was not met well, although the lack of pants and an inadequate robe was the most likely cause.
“Christ man, get some fucking clothes on!”
Holding his hand up, Micheal kicked at his employer until he sulked off.
“You know in some ancient cultures that was commonplace!”
Waving away Lawrences hurt feelings, Micheal glared at the cooks that had stopped working to see the show.
They immediately went back to their business.
Returning a little more sober and a lot more clothed, Lawrence couldn't quite meet Micheals eye.
“What do you have?”
“A buyer.”
It took a moment to realize what was just uttered, but the joyous smile that broke over Lawrence’s face said it all.
“Finally! Should we pack them up now or will they meet us here?”
Grabbing his shoulder, Micheal calmly locked eyes.
“I will be taking them. The Hive would most likely see you chained with these boys if they knew where you came from. Besides, I’ve got something else too. Seems we are going to be selling on someone else’s turf again. Our runners say the guy who runs the area is pretty popular, you won’t be able to solve this with another junky rage.”
The joy was crushed as a groan filled the room. More competition, more people trying to stop him from grabbing his destiny.
“Fine. Just remember to bring back some of the pay.”
Facing Lawrence as he walked back out the door, Micheal smiled.
“Can’t lose my perks Boss.”

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