Orlok's Conditions

“So if it’s all the same, why don’t you just tell us what you have to say about Logos?”

Orlok sighed at the guns trained on him and turned, raising a tired eyebrow.

"Well, considering the fact that Logos is a terrorist known for being a computer themed supervillain and we are currently on a public street outside the Spire... You know, outside the place Logos might be keeping an eye on with easily hacked traffic cams outside the Spire's firewalls?" He pointed to the many traffic cams around them.

"Also, kindly don't refer to me as a Creampuff, Madame, we don't all have the luxury of being half wolf or whatever it is these Alphas are bred and trained for combat. Some of us had never gotten into a fight before Rowan's bullshit got in the way. Oh, and I haven't laid out the conditions yet. I know who one of Logos' lieutenants is and what they're up to. If you want the information, I'll need a fat stack of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of french porn. Oh, also you have to let me go with you."

"Oh, and please kindly have your pups lower their guns, I really can't be bothered for any violence right now as I have a headache. I might not be an Alpha or a Neo but I became a reality TV star by blowing up criminals, most of that while I was injured. Did you honestly think I'd not have insurance for this kind of thing?" He pulled his coat open and revealed the rows of packages lined to his chest.

"Interesting thing about modern construction, they use a lot of explosives. Please, don't think about using your Neo powers on me as there are no computer systems in these, they're purely a chemical trigger. That trigger will go off if I remove my hand here from this button that's keeping this handheld blowtorch from going off, also purely without computer systems. So simply shooting me in the head will just set the bombs off prematurely." He leveled Piper a dry look.

"You don't watch enough Television. If you kept with my show you'd know of my reputation for pulling gadgets out of my arse. Should have been more concerned when I hopped out of a construction vehicle. I didn't even need to do much tinkering other than to tie what was already in the damn thing to my chest. So, your move, kiddo." He sipped at his flask with his free hand.

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