Lexi Strikes Again Part 4

“So how about that nap?” She said, into the empty apartment. Lexi wasn’t on the couch. Cyd checked the hall closet and found nothing but the empty mattress. She had an uneasy feeling as she went to check her parents’ room; an uneasy feeling which knotted her stomach as that bed was empty as well. “Lexi?” She called. Lexi wasn’t in the bathroom or kitchen either. “Lex, we ain’t playing hide and go fuck yourself, I gotta get to work too.” Putting her hands on her hips, she scanned the room one more time and saw the window open to the fire escape. “Dammit, Lex…”

Cyd stuck her head out the window, looking both down and up, and saw her sister trying to free a high heel from the top level grating, uncoordinated and stuck. Cyd rolled her eyes and climbed out the window after Lexi.

“Cmon, Lex, where are you going?” She asked, climbing up after her.

"Cyd? How'd you know where to find me? Did my man implant a tracking device on my hymen?” In an immodest roof top display, Lexi lifted the hem of her tight skirt and peered down at herself. She was full of womanhood, but incredibly unladylike. “It does kind of feel like he could be sniffing out my hymen sometimes.”

“Oh little sis, that hymen is loooong gone.” As she craned her neck upwards she added, “And I see you’re still not wearing panties.”

“I know I usually can’t keep track of half my shit, but this time I didn’t lose them - I sold them. Men like to collect the strangest things.”

“Why don’t we go back inside? You had a long day and all, and I really need to head out, I have a lot to get done to stage a party tonight. You want nitrous, don’t you?”

“We’ll just get nitrous at the rave. They always have it there. Come on, don’t you want to do the other half of all these drugs you had in your Hello Pussy Pack?” Lexi dangled Cyd’s Cat bag over the edge to lure her up to the roof. “Or I can just do ALL the drugs, Sis.”

“Whoa, whoa whoa - Lex, stop fucking around, I need that, all my stuff is in there!” Cyd complained, climbing faster, swiping for her backpack.

“You mean half your stuff is in here. I swallowed the other half.” Lexi slipped her arms through the straps and balanced precariously along the edge of the rooftop, careening left and right, but catching herself each time at the last moment. She was giggling like it was all a game. “You have to catch me, Cyd!”

“Lexi!” Cyd said in a more serious tone as she climbed from the escape to the rooftop. “Get the fuck off the ledge!” Mentally she ran through the contents of her pack to try and figure how much of what Lexi took and was high on. “Get down and we’ll see if one of your boy toys can come over.”

“I want to hang with you, Big Cyd. Now go down below and get ready to catch me in case I can’t really fly. But don’t worry, I think I’ve done this before. Probably best not to do it in heels, though.” Lexi plopped down with her legs dangling over the ledge and fumbled with the straps holding the stilettos to her feet.

“You know you can’t fly,” Cyd chastised, rolling her eyes bitterly at the newest Lexi drama. Out of one fire, into the next. Sighing heavily she inched closer to her younger sibling. “Get down, give me my backpack or you stay home tonight.”

"Fine. Take your stupid backpack. I just wanted someone to spend time with. Someone who wasn't paying me. But if you don't have time for me - well then just go. I can fly on my own just the same."

Cyd let the comment hang for a split second as her stomach knotted. Lexi had a way of complicating everything for everyone, her parents, Mathias, herself. Lexi wanted to jump from the roof and test her newfound, drug-induced abilities at flight. For a split second Cyd considered letting whatever was going to happen - just happen. The fleeting thought of being Lexi-less passed as quickly as it came on, replaced by guilt that it was even entertained. “You know I always got time for you.” She eased onto the ledge next to Lexi, holding out her hand. She knew it was the drugs talking, but even with all her… Lexisms, this was still the little sister who used to cry when she touched the ‘lava’ floor. There was still plenty of time. She’d find a way. “I’m here. You’re just rollin’ hard, baby sis.”

"No, Cyd; life is hard." Lexi rocked back and forth, shifting her weight from one palm to the other. "I'm just rollin' with it. That's what drugs are for. Why else would they be bite sized?"

“So you don’t choke on ‘em like you do hard candy. And life ain’t so bad. You got me and Matty, mom and dad, that guy you’re so fond of, and rave, right?” She held up two fingers for her sister to tap. “Peace, Love, Unity Respect? You always have rave.”

Lexi mumbled something incoherently and leaned her head lazily against her sister. Cyd in turn rested her cheek against Lexi’s head and held tight to her sister. She let out a slow breath, checked the time and stopped one of Lexi’s heels from falling to the pavement below. “We always have rave.”

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