Orlock and the Death Wish

Piper’s brow furrowed with confusion.“The security cameras are easily hacked, but -- you… realize I’m a Neo, so I can make sure they’re out of commission --” she began as she brought over a vehicle they could safely talk in, away from the Spire. If he had information on Logos, she was eager to hear it and report it back to OSEC, until that is, she saw his “insurance.” He strapped what looked like an explosive to his chest, and what was worse, he seemed to be smug about it for some reason.

<<“So, your move, kiddo.">>

Piper put down the vehicle and looked at the reality star with pity. “That’s definitely not going to get you into the Spire, and it’s such a bad move on your part.”

The two pups glanced at each other with an almost worried glance. Not because of Orlock or his bomb hell, not even his threat. They were worried because Romo looked ready to rip off the man's arm and it was a rare thing to see Frosty of all people look so pissed off.

Piper’s eyes drifted to her Alpha. He was nicknamed “Frosty” because of his cool demeanor, his ability to stay level-headed in almost any situation, but that wasn’t the Alpha standing beside her at the moment. White-hot rage was more accurate. “I’m sure the reality star isn’t looking to hurt anyone,“ Piper tried soothingly. Her eyes darted back and forth quickly, scanning for signs of drones, maybe this was part of the show he was bragging about, but there was no camera activity in the area.

Frosty took a step forward holstering his gun. Granted Orlock was the taller man but Romeo was literally tailor-made for battle. “You arrogant piece … “ Romeo lashed out his hand wrapping around Orlock crushing the taller man hands closed around the detonator with enough augmented strength to break fingers. “ … haughty shit.” Romeo snarled careful not to destroy the detonator but hard enough to show Orlock was not going to break free.

‘You do not come to my home. Threaten me and my own and then make demands of us.” Romeo’s eyes blazed. “PUPS.” Romeo barked.

“SIR!” They both responded.

“TAPE.” He commanded sending the two younger Alphas scrambling before head butting Orlock to stun him, with the convenient side effect of breaking the man’s nose.

Within moments, the two Alpha pups returned with rolls of duct tape, each shoving in front of the other while stretching out a long length. Piper knew enough to step back. At Romeo’s nod, the Pups wound the tape around the interloper’s chest, fastening his hand, detonator and all to his chest to prevent him from releasing whatever chemical he was threatening with. When Orlock looked like he was going to say something Romeo popped him in the face to silence him. They crossed over and under each other until Romeo could remove his hand, and then continued until both rolls of tape were nearly used up.

Orlock when to open his mouth but Romeo popped him in the face again. “No. You listen. We are not some anti-terrorist unit going around snatching babies from cribs. This is the Spire. We serve and protect. Alpha’s serve and protect Neos and Neos serve and protect the city from rogue Neo’s. Now if you want to talk about what you know about Logos, his and his own go right ahead and I’ll send it up the chain of command. Otherwise, sit tight while I enact bomb protocols and wait for OSEC to pick you up.”

One of the Alpha pup’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Want us to go get the chain, Sir?” He said wolfishly.

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