Orlok and the Idiots

Orlok idly glanced at his broken fingers while the pups taped him up.

"Adorable. You know that's not how triggers like this work, right? If this had been an actual bomb and not just painted bricks, you'd have set it off prematurely when you crushed the mechanism into my hand. That'd not set off the dead man switch but it would set off the fucking manual switch. Well done, Princess. And you, Logos is a Neo, isn't he? Techy-Sorcerer Supreme? I was worried about the outside cameras because they're in a public space and you'll notice most of them are made by Bastiocorp, The same company whose CEO has been working for Logos, I assume, since day one. You idiots aren't terrifically good at this whole, security thing, are you? I was trying to get you to disarm me and drag me inside the only place I had hoped would be secure from Logos' shit, without saying too much on the cameras, but evidently Oracle's finest don't really have that many brain-cells between them. Now I just can't be bothered." Orlok sighed and lashed out with a leg at Romeo's face.

The dagger attached to the bottom of his boot caught him in the ear and the man stumbled back from surprise more than anything else.

"Now that I have your attention, I'll give you this one for free, seeing as you obviously need all the help you can get. Gene Wilder. Underground. Logos. Terrorism. Figure the rest out if you can. More than welcome to ask me for details, of which I know many, but you'll have to start forking over Incentive other than your boyfriend goofy over here and his need to wave his dick around."

He turned to Piper and gave her a dry look.

"Word of advice and just one tip you're more than welcome to attempt to figure out if you feel you're up to it, Mind The Tinnitus." He casually strolled over to the transport vehicle and kicked a door open.

"Ready when you are. Please tell me your commanding officer isn't a complete retard as well as I've grown quite tired of dealing with those sorts of people lately." He said cheerily.

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