Orlock and the Crash to Reality

“Logos… Neo… Mind… Tinnitus…” The reality star prattled incoherently.

“Awwww, Romey, how hard did you hit him?” Piper scolded, batting her Alpha on the arm as she craned her neck around the pups to stare sympathetically at the interloper.

“Not hard I swear!” Romeo defended himself like a puppy who got swatted with a newspaper.

“He’s babbling like a cicada, I mean, more so than when he first got here,” she said, shaking her head while clicking her tongue to her teeth.

“You didn’t get a front-row seat when I had to face off against Creampuff here. He’s saner-ish than last time but twice as dumb.” Romeo stated matter of factly. Though he was tempted to punch the crazed psycho again for making him look bad in front of Piper! You would think the guy could take a love tap to the face!

“Well, he did try to get into a highly secure OSEC facility by ramming a truck into a shielded window. I don’t quite know which column that would fall into, lack of sanity or smarts. And then the whole ‘let me inside, I have a bomb plan--” Romeo was more than justified. Her 457. Someone was definitely getting HALO later.

“Speaking of, Sir, if there’s a bomb--” Tragedy began, motioning to Piper, making the Neo snicker. Pups still had a lot to learn about what a bonded Alpha would do to protect his Neo.

Romeo gave a long drawn out loud sigh to cut Tragedy off. Holding Orlock by what was left of his pompadour he stepped aside to give the pups a lesson on bullshittery. “What's wrong with this picture Pups.” Romeo commanded.

“Oh, shit … are those bricks?” Roach blinked.

“He taped wires to the brick so no blasting caps.” Tragedy added shaking his head.

“ … and the so-called detonator?” Romeo asked.

“A pez dispenser?” Trag vexed, still confused. “Then… why the tape?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.

“He had the balls to threaten my home and Neo pup. Bomb or no bomb I do no take that shit lightly. Also … I just don’t like his face.” The elder Alpha explained. “What did we learn today?”

“Always wear a cup?”

“Check if the bomb is real?”

“All good advice. The lesson today is to always be aware and put the protection of home and Neo first. Always.”

“If there were a bomb,” Piper added, glancing down at her tattoo as her Alpha called the situation into OSEC. “Trust me, there’d be nothing left of him to detonate it.” Once his radio was securely back in the holster, she leaned her head against the shoulder of his free arm. “What’s going to happen to him?”

“The guy is currently wanted for murder. Given that he’s likely clinically insane … probably committed someplace far away from where he can hurt or threaten anyone again.” Romeo shrugged.

“Sucks.” Tragedy groused. “That was one of my favorite shows on TV.”

“Is that a plastic butter knife tape to his shoe?” Roach blinked. “How he managed to live this long is a damn mystery to me … you think they'll put us in the show?” He snickered to Tragedy.

“No, and for that, you get to watch him while me and Piper get cake. If he moves shoot ‘em.” Romeo said.

Tragedy and Roach drew their guns. “Sir, yes, Sir!”

“He has MOVE first guys … THEN you shoot him.” Romeo shook his head at the puppies groans.

“Sir, yes, Sir,” they replied this time with much less enthusiasm.

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