Rave gone Wrong

“Lexi?” Cyd said, sliding to her knees next to her unconscious sister. “No, no no no, c’mon, Lex, wake up baby, wake up.” She leaned her head against her sister’s chest and was relieved to find she could both hear a heartbeat and feel her sister breathing.

“Is she all right?” Aria asked, putting her hand on Cyd’s back.

“I dunno, I dunno, I dunno…” Cyd said in a panicky voice. “She said she didn’t feel good, and now she’s not waking up!”

Aria grimaced and shoved her hands in her pockets, looking back towards the makeshift stage. “Digi Kitty’s supposed to be up,” Aria said awkwardly. The girl couldn’t look more uncomfortable if she tried. “You’re still just looping the intro. If it helps -- I can go on for you … A rave without music --”

Fuck the music. Fuck the rave. Fuck correcting Aria to say DJ Digi Kitty, her sister could be dying, and yet people were still shuffling and pumping their fists like it didn’t even matter. Cyd’s hands were shaking as she struggled to pull the tech glove off her left arm. Designed to replace the huge sound boards of years and years ago, it cost more than she could make all year - three, four years maybe; it’s what makes a DJ a DJ, but there’s no way her or her or her alter ego was going to leave her little sister. “You matter, baby doll, you matter.” She finally removed the sleeve so Ariarty, not DJ Digi Kitty, could do a set of four songs, four songs Cyd spent hours remixing. She’d have been more bitter if she wasn’t so concerned about Lexi’s life slipping away.

“I have a car near,” Bolt offered. Bolt, of course wasn’t his real name, and he was sort of the kind of douchebag who made up his own nickname for racing, but he was offering help and Cyd never was one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He’d been hovering around looking to score some red devils when Lexi collapsed. “I’ll go bring it round.”


Cyd held Lexi’s head on her lap in the back of Bolt’s hovercar, making brief eye contact with the rave boy in the mirror, grateful for the help.

“Medical center?” He asked, and Cyd put a shaky palm to her forehead, holding up a finger, the universal one moment sign before hitting what she’d come to call ‘the panic button.’

“Pick up, pick up, pick up…” she muttered under her breath, willing Mathias to pick up the phone.

Mathias groaned into his phone. “I knooowwwww … I’m just burnt Cyd ... I swear I’ll go to the next one …need … sleep,” He said, his voice muffled as he had not bothered to lift his head off the pillow.

“Matty, Lexi’s not waking up!” Cyd interrupted, her speech fast and higher pitched than normal. “I don’t know what to do; do I take her to the med center? If I take her to the med center she could go to jail, but if I don’t take her what if she doesn’t wake up ever? And I don’t know what she took or how much of it she took. I wasn’t watching her, I wasn’t watching her and now she isn’t waking up!” She swallowed, her throat aching and dry, her stomach feeling like someone was tightening a rope around her waist. “What do I do, Matt?”

“Did she vomit? Foaming? Any seizures? Is she hot, cold? Twitching? Are her eyes dilating? Are you in a car? Can you get her to the apartment? Do you know WHAT she took?” Mathias asked in rapid-fire succession.

Cyd’s head was spinning as it was, and Matt’s fast line of questioning wasn’t making that any better. “I dunno, she came up to the stage and said she didn’t feel good and I was supposed to go on so I told her to just wait for me, and then I turned around and she was on the ground. She feels cold to me, she feels cold. She’s not twitching, she’s not moving at all, and if I open her eyelid she’s just staring.” Cyd met Bolt’s eyes in the mirror again. “Can you take me to my brother’s place? It’s in the projects, not far off.” Bolt balked at the prospect. “Please?”

He didn’t look too happy about taking his car in that part of town, and started to protest. “I don’t know, the projects? Can’t we just drop her off at a hospital?”

“Please?” Cyd begged again, her voice cracking.

Bolt rolled his eyes and aggressively put the car in drive.“Gimme the fucking address,” he muttered. Cyd stammered through the numbers but managed to get the address out for him to program into the hovercar.

“Yes,” she said back into the phone, “I’ll get her to the apartment. We’re not that far.” She was fairly certain she thanked Bolt repeatedly as he drove to what used to be her old apartment. Cyd’s focus was on Lexi, more than on Bolt’s shitty driving skills. “We’re gonna see Matty, you’re gonna be okay baby doll, you’re gonna be okay.”

The hovercar, far too nice for the neighborhood it was in, slowed to a stop in front of the tall building, and Cyd was relieved to see her brother standing outside. Bolt turned around to look into the back seat. “You riding back with me?” He asked, eager to get back to the party. “I mean, I think your brother can handle Lacy.”

Cyd shook her head absently, fumbling with the door handle. “Lexi -- Her name’s Lexi. And I’m staying with her.”

“What about the red devils?” Like everything else, Cyd brushed off his question.

Mathias was already waiting for them downstairs looking like he just rolled out of bed. He wasted no time opening the door and checking Lexi over. “Aright let get her inside … regale me with the drugs being passed out at the rave?” He asked gathering the littlest Skye in his arms and hustled up the stairs. It was safe to assume at some point she had tried a little of everything. That way he could figure out what needed to be done and how bad off.

“Um…” Cyd started, following them closely trying to remember. She wasn’t selling, and she herself hadn’t dropped anything, so she struggled to remember who all was there. “Supernovas, I was offered a Supernova... I don’t know, Math, I wasn’t working party favors tonight. A lot of people were selling, I think.” Usually she'd keep Lexi well supplied so she wouldn’t need from anyone else, turn your back for one night, one night and this is what happens. “I don’t know what she took or who it was from!”

“Who was dealing then? Anyone new?” Mathias asked nearly kicking the door down into the new apartment. He, for the most part, could make a logical guess what was being slung by knowing who was dealing. The kids had been moved from the pullout bed and piled on the couch as Mathias carted Lexi to the bathroom and laid her down in the tub.

Cyd bit her bottom lip, staring at the ceiling, trying to think of who she saw. She raked a hand through her hair, pulling off the cat ears “DJ Digi Kitty” wore as a gimmick, as if not having her head constricted would refresh her memory. It seemed to work, but more than likely was coincidence. “Beetle was there, and Ahron, I know I saw Ahron, they usually push for Jynn, Davith, I think Aria called him when I figured you weren’t gonna be there.”

“Okay …” Mathias nodded. “ … I can work with that …” He said scampering to the closet. The sound of shoes, boxes, toys and something squeaky were flung out with reckless abandon. It was enough for one of the kids to stir.

“Daddy?” Lea murmured, rubbing her eyes.

“Shhh Sweetie. Late night work stuff ... go back to sleep. Sorry to wake you,” Matty said quickly in a hushed tone. All too used to the weird hours and Mathias coming and going, Lea nodded laying back down and nestling herself between her siblings.

With that Mathias grabbed is red tackle box and rejoined Lexi and Cyd in the bathroom, closing the door. It was a tight fit with the three of them in there, but it was something they were thankfully already used to. “Alright, so it seems she had the sense to stick to one type of drug … if she mixed she would have vomited it back up. My guess downers …" He said checking her over. “ … not enough to kill but she isn’t in a good place either.” He didn’t want to say chemical coma as that would just freak Cyd out.

Mathias dug through the red tackle box pulling out a vial and needles. “The only thing I can’t do is counter the epic nausea she is about to go through … get the trash bucket over there and the towels; she’s going to need it,” He said, carefully putting the needle in her arm.

So much for sleep.

Cyd did as he asked, though hearing “Lexi” and “sense” in the same sentence not split apart by the words “has no common” sounded foreign to her ears.

So much for rave.

The elder twins sat and waited since that was all they could do and for the medication Mathias gave Lexi to kick in. Mathias at one point nodded off and banged his head on the sink when his head tilted sideways. “Shit Ow.” Mathias grumbled, rubbing the now tender spot on his head.

Cyd sat on the floor, her head resting half against Math’s leg, half against the cool porcelain of what used to be her tub. Still too early for sleep, she held Lexi’s hand looking for signs of her waking up.

“Go to bed Math, I can wake you when sleeping beauty comes to,” Cyd offered, scooting over so her twin could stretch his legs out.

As if on cue Lexi groaned. It was enough to set the sibling in motion and bleary eyed Mathias help Lexi to sit up while Cyd propped the emptied trash bin in Lexi's lap.

Lexi groaned again, floppy as a rag doll. “I … don’t feel …” Lexi sniffed before heaving into the bucket.

“Yea we know Lexi … It’s okay,” Mathias said, bunching her hair out of the way. “We got you,” He said in a tired soft voice as he put a cold compress on the back of her neck.

Cyd handed Matty a clean towel for Lexi’s face, and took one of the scruncii’s holding her own hair up out to offer to him for her hair. “Just don’t braid it,” She said with half a smile. “I heard from a short authority that you can’t braid for shit.” She reached in the tub to make sure the bucket was secure, and she squeezed her sister’s arm. “We’re here for you, baby doll.” She met Math’s tired hazel eyes before leaning her chin back against the tub. “Like always.”

After much vomiting, tears and more vomiting, Cyd helped clean Lexi up and Mathias help wiggle her into one of Mathias’ shirts to sleep in before tucking her in on the fold-out bed.

“That girl … needs a leash.” He yawned once the littlest Skye was asleep and doing much better. “All of them …. Need leashes …” He added seeing how full the studio was of people at the moment.

“Agreed,” Cyd said, brushing a few stray hairs from Lexi’s forehead, then doing the same for May who was sleeping nearby. “As long as I’m not the one holding it. Why don’t you get yourself some rest, baby brother. I doubt the littles will cut you a break and sleep in tomorrow.”

"Ya think. Oh the questions I will be regaled with. At this point the only one who doesn't know about my trio of demons is Mom and Dads. I should just bring them to dinner and get it over with," He said with a stretch. "Why not drop by for a late breakfast … Cyd … that way I don't have to deal with Lexi alone when they all wake up. Besides the kids love you and your mad braiding skills."

Cyd giggled, feeling better for the first time in hours. “It’s my fall back profession if this rave shit don’t pan out,” She said lazily. She’d been dealing with Lexi for most of the day and really could use a break. “But I’ll be back here for you, before Lex wakes up. Just know she probably will tell mom and dad about… everything.” Cyd sarcastically couldn’t wait to get an earful about how she ‘let’ her little sister almost overdose, as if she hadn’t done everything - including giving up a gig - to save her. “I’m so sorry, Matty, I just really didn’t know what else to do, or go with her”

Mathias gave something between a snort and a laugh. "We did what big sisters and brothers do," He assured Cyd. "What matters is Lexi is better and hopefully the hour plus long vomit session will drill into her bird brain to be more careful next time. Besides … mom will be thrilled to have grandbabies … now she'll be hounding you to get married," He said with a broad grin.

Cyd groaned and shook her head. “Why can’t you be more like your brother. Your brother gave me grandbabies,” She mimicked, sliding her arms through the loops of the backpack. “I think I’m suddenly busy this Sunday.”

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