Party too Hardy

Something was going on in Oracle, but for the most part in the slums, life went on as usual. And for Cyd? Life meant rave.

Tonight was sheer luck, DJ Melodydrama was putting on a set, and seeing how things went south FAST for the job with DJ Databass, she considered this a win. The crowd, she heard, loved Ariartys set, which was even more bittersweet, considering the songs were hers. Water under the bridge, she reminded herself as she spun on her toes, adjusting the height and volume of each sound cubes remotely before returning the controls to the DJ. Once set,they hovered above like the strobes which flashed to a random beat she looped to welcome in the ravers.

DJ MD had the location already, a construction crews long ago abandoned the building which had either been condemned or fell down on its own. The tarps would give lazy ravers somewhere to hang out, and there was still plenty of room for dancing and shuffling if you didn't mind a little dust. All Cyd had to do really was set up and get the word out.

The sight of the man in the red and black jacket not only made her smile, but filled her with relief. They hadn’t been able to secure a tank, no nitrous so party favors would only be on him, and possibly Arkady, though Arkady usually sold smokes, and whoever Aria brought.

“Hey Math!” She called, waving a hand towards him to come with her. ‘I’m so glad you could make it. How’s the kiddos? Who has ‘em?"

"I got a sitter. Gotta make those clicks Sis and nothing sells party favors better than a disaster. Rave is the best place to blow that stress away." Mathias said with a smile. "Loaded up on some Cosmic Rain so make sure we get some oomph outta the light show." He advised. Cosmic Rain and a great light show to go with the thump of the base made for an awesome high for the rave babes and boys.

“I know for a fact that Meldodydrama will be dropping trap and glitch hop, so they’re gonna move. Looks like you’re startin’ a line ‘em up!” A couple of rave boys were signaling him over. She shot him a quick smile and went back to the acoustics.

"Time to start spreading the love." Mathias grinned sauntering off to his adoring fans.

Feedback - a loud squeak from one of the sound cubes, a harsh echo that reverberated and made Cyd grit her teeth as if nails had hit a chalkboard. “Sonuvabitch.” she swore, wishing she brought the remote with her. She looked around for something to stand on, but luckily found someone on the taller side.

“Dukes! Hey!” she said, holding out a fist for him to bump. “Little help?” She mentioned to the sound cube hovering just overhead.

Wandering over Dukes fist bumped Cyd, adding an explosion noise for added effect and cocked his eyes up at the floating sound cube. Lowering his aviators a bit. “Aren’t they meant to float?” he asked rhetorically as he stretched out onto his tip-toes, his pointer just managing to wrap around it’s handle and pull it in closer to the ground. “You should tie a string around it like a balloon. Then you can just pull it everywhere.” he jokingly suggested.

“That’d be awesome for me--” she kidded, “like a bass balloon, but shitty for the people in the back who want to feel the beat!” Cyd took the cube from him, and looked over her shoulder at two rave bunnies wearing little more than band-aids and booty shorts. “No, I told you, I’m sorry, we got no balloons! No laughing gas, sorry!” She rolled her eyes and shrugged. Fixing was more of Speed’s speed, Cyd knew two basic means of repair, the same two things that made for the start of some great times, smack it hard against your hand or blow on it. In this case, it was the sooner that would get the feedback to stop shrieking.

“Thanks again. You need anything, hit up my brother - he’s got some stuff - makes you see the music, it’s sick!”

“I’ll keep that in mind if this don’t do the job.” he said, holding up a small black box that looked like a carbon fiber mint box. “Got a favorite after all.”

Newo meanwhile sat on a sturdy crate feet tucked up and out of anyone’s way as people moved back and forth setting up, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

With the music pumping once again, Cyd spun on her toes into an air-walk, falling ass over tea-kettle over a crate. “Fuck me,” she swore, picking herself up off the ground. “Sorry,” she added, lending a hand to the girl she collided with. “Didn’t see ya with the strobes and all. You okay?”

Newo looked up at Cyd, “I think so.” she said taking the glasses dangling around her neck and putting them back on before reaching out for the hand offered to her. “Thanks.” she said as she was lifted off the floor, “I thought I was enough out of the way.” she added.

“It’s a RAVE!” Cyd reminded her, while bouncing on her toes, the soles of her hightops lighting up with each jump. “You don’t wanna be out of the way. You want to be part of it!” She pointed a two-finger peace sign to the girl, before slipping a kandi box cuff off her wrist and offering it to the girl. “Kandi!” She said loudly over the bass. “Only don’t eat it, it’s kandi. With a K.”

Newo took it and put it on confused. “What does it do then?!” she asked over the noise. Looking at the brightly colored thing. Almost everyone around her was dressed skimpy and colorful, covered in glowing bits or in black clothes. Her clothes were normal to normal. Making the bracelet stand out even more.

“Kandi, you make ‘em and give ‘em out to people. Usually with a handshake, peace, love, unity, respect, here, look.” Cyd grabbed the girls wrist, and walked her through the motions. “Two finger peace tap, now make a heart, interlock the fingers, and…” She slipped a pony-bead single from her wrist to the girls’. “You can give that one to someone you meet tonight. But keep the cuff!”

Newo only nodded not wanting to shout again and gave a thumbs up to show she got it. She looked over to Dukes who had something between his lips and a few Rave Bunnies hovering around him. He was trying to lite whatever it was and shoo them away.

Dukes was waving off a gaggle of rave bunnies. “Only enough for me.” he mumbled through it the rolled smoke. His lighters flame licking the end of the ‘joint’ though it was more than that. “Go bother someone who sells the stuff.”

Cyd snickered at the girls and boys looking for drugs, and stood on her tiptoes, hopping up holding up three fingers until she was able to flag down Matty.

Mathis finished up passing out some Devil to as the click and Kandi were exchanged. He gave a nod working his way to his sister. "Sup Cyd." He blinked looking over the redheaded Jr Suzy's Homemaker and some guy with a crown. One look uncomfortable but both look wildly out of place. Clearly, neither being slum rats. "Raves must be getting that good down here … that or party favors are attracting bunnies from further away." He snickered.

Cyd cocked a hand on her hip and shot her brother a smile. “Getting good?” She asked with mock indignity.

"I take it back … I value my life to much." Mathias said with his hands up.

“Smart man! You met Dukes? Dukes, Math. You need to fly? He’ll get you high, no one sells better stuff than Matty.”

“Same Math that sold Jimmy that little pill and he tried to swan dive into that pool and wrecked his arm Math?” he asked, “Yeah I think we met before. This stuff is always a blur though. Can’t count the times I won’t up in my apartment without knowing how I got there.”

"No … I sell party favors not that hardcore Dust stuff." He said flatly to Dukes. That was a hell of a thing to say particularly to someone who carefully crafted the drugs he sold. Still, Mathias brushed it off as someone who came from the privileged life of citizenship. "I sell to a lot of folk at the raves so maybe?" Though he was sure a guy with a crown would have stood out more. Then again it was a rave so people wore all kinds of crazy shit. "You looking to get hooked up or you going to stay in the kiddie pool all night?" Mathis asked nodding to the skunkweed Dukes was smoking. Lord, it reeked.

“I gotta stay in the kiddie pool.” Cyd sulked. “Least til Melodydrama is up and running. You best save me a rain!”

Dukes shrugged, handing the thing he was smoking to a girl with star stickers on her cheeks. “What you got?” he asked. He cocked a scared eyebrow up from under his glasses. Looking back over to Newo to see if she was distracted at the moment.

Definitely new to this area was the conclusion Mathias came to. "Top sellers today are my Red Devil and Cosmic Rain. Also sporting some Bass Drop and Glitter Bomb. If ya want Venom or Stick n Move I can show you to another dealer but that's a bit hardcore for someone new like you. So we'll keep is simple … you want to go up Cosmic Rain, you wanna go down take a spin the Red Devil." Mathias suggested figuring he would know of the lingo.

Dukes thought for a moment. “Two whatevers of Cosmic Rain.” he said. Glaring at Math through his sunglasses. “What’s that gonna cost me?”

"20 per." Mathias said. "Clicks. No creds sorry." He added remembering they weren't from around these parts.

He shrugged and pulled out a device to pay with Clicks. “Fine by me.” he said, paying Mathius.

"Anything for the Red Head?" He said fishing out two clear oblong pills in individual baggies. They weren't small, easily the size equivalent of what a NyQuil would look like. "Or you sharing the PLUR?" He asked handing over the party pill.

“Sharing.” he said. “She ain’t much for parties but knows how to have fun.” he said. “Don’t want to ruin her night, or have to go it alone.” Dukes explained taking the baggies from him. “I’ll let you know if I need anything else.” Dukes gave him a wave as he walked back over to Newo.

Mathias was going to say something but he let it go figuring they could take care of themselves. Dukes did walk away pretty fast so he took that a sign the guy wasn't looking for advice. Lord those entitled citizen rich kid. A pair of pink hair girls with star pasties and a glowing fluffy mini skirts provided Mathis with the perfect distraction. "Ladies … how can make the rave more enjoyable for you." He said smiling brightly as they giggled.

Dukes strolled back up to Newo. “Hey. Take this with me.” He said holding up the baggy. She looked at it for a bit before asking “What’s it do?” Dukes looked at her. “Makes the music more fun according to the guy that sold it to me.” He popped the pill. “Fuck, you’d think they could make it smaller or disolve or something.” Newo held the pill between her thumb and pointer and putting it in her mouth she took a big drink of her ‘Nova Dream’ some layered drink that was sweet and shimmered.

Newo trusting Dukes over anyone in this rave swallowed the ‘fun pill’ as Dukes called it. The thing felt like a horse pill going down.

Newo really didn’t know what to expect as for what felt like an hour nothing happened. It started small … the tingle in her chest when the bass pump in her chest … the bright colorful flashes the lights gave off. She started feeling light and the music was making her feel giddy.

Dukes wasn’t far but he was yucking it up with a cluster of people and Newo at the moment was focusing less on him and how pretty the lights looked. There were just simple little beams and preprogrammed shapes. There was a depth that was hard to explain, the splash of rainbows in her peripheral vision the after image danced in her eyes it making her want to reach out and touch the pretty motes.

She soon found herself swaying in time to the beat, her arms up and her fingers dancing through the motes of light. They made her feel warm, light and if she touched it just right they made her toes tingle! She hardly noticed the other bodies around just that she was part of something bigger than herself all tied together to the music, the bass thumping and guide them all like one giant heartbeat. The colors and lights showered down on Newo as she basked in its beauty!

Someone touched her hand and it was electric. So much it makes her shiver. The skin to skin contact didn’t feel so invasive and the blobs of color moved from them to her. Blinking at the strangeness her eyes focused on a new cuff that gooped from this person to her… what did the girl say it was? Candy with a K? The beads refracted colors from the lights above adding a new element that widened her eyes in amazement.

The bodies around her urged her to rejoin the heartbeat of the music. Her body moved on its own the music dictating each sway and bounce. Someone who wasn’t as in tune it seemed bumped her throwing her vibe off. Newo was about to huff as them when the person, a blonde blue eyes angel of a man, gave a quick apology and handed her some beads as a peace offering. Though this time they were not strung together.

We are magic. The beads chimed, like when Newo would rub her finger along the rim of a glass. No, wait … that was the person speaking not the beads … they just had a lovely voice! The beads were far more colorful than the one Dukes had given her and far more interesting. Dukes needed to meet them!

“Dukes! Dukes! You have to try this.” she said excited and wide-eyedly held out her hand, and opened it to reveal a small violet pill about the size of a mint. “IT’S AMAZING!” she was hopping around a bit. “You gotta I already took one.” she said in a rapid way, like a child telling a story. With a shrug Dukes took it.

A small moment pass and Dukes felt a warmth poured through him and then it felt like he jumped out of his body for a moment. “Woah.” he said taking is sunglasses off his unmatching eyes following the lights and their trails. “…”

After that things got hazy quickly and Newo started to lose track of … everything.

A sharp bright light caused her to blink as her mind was suddenly clear. Newo woke with a start! She found herself on a mattress in an abandoned apartment. Sandwiched between Dukes and a purple hair girl in a mini skirt and a pasty on just one tit. The first thing the poor redhead noticed was there wasn’t even a door. There were bodies everywhere still asleep all CLEARLY from the rave and all in various states of disarray. All looking like discarded clothing draped over each other in clusters.

Dukes was sawing wood pretty hard next to her, his shoes were missing and his pants were on only one leg, the wrong one. His boxers pulled down low enough for his ass to be hanging out for all to see, the crown he loved so much placed on top of his exposed buttocks.

Newo herself wasn’t in better shape but she at least had a blanket to cover her dignity. Her bra was in tack but her shirt was missing, oh, wait, there it was … under Dukes. Her belly and chest were covered in body paint, hearts of various colors liberally sprinkled with glitter. Her skirt was hiked up nearly to her ribs, she was missing a sock though she had both her shoes and worst of all her underwear was just plain GONE!

Newo tried to push Dukes enough to get to her shirt and it him woke up. “Oh my god….my head” he groaned blinking hard and freeing an empty liquor bottle from under his right shoulder. “Can I get my shirt…” she mumbled embarrassed. “Oh..oh yeah sure.” he rolled just enough to let her get it. “I can’t find my underwear…” she whispered into his ear. “Okay hold on.” Dukes stood up and dropped his pants taking off his boxers to free ball it giving Newo something to wear. “We...shouldn’t take candy from strangers again.” he half joked as he pulled a half eaten sucker form his jeans pocket. Newo nodded finding her glasses, luckily unbroken. “Part of me wants to do this again, another part wants to never think about it and another part wants a shower. Can we go to your place. I can’t go home looking like this.” And with that the two went back to Dukes apartment to get cleaned up.

(Joint post with Winters & Blitzen)

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