Water, Water, Everywhere: A Bloody Mess Pt 2

Piper yawned sleepily as she rested her cheek against her Alpha’s shoulder, her arms wrapped around his neck as he carried the Neo piggy-back style down the steps of the Spire. 0400 was MUCH earlier than she was used to, but par for the course if you were an Alpha, who seemed to live for early morning physical training, extreme crossfit, Neos need not apply, but today was kind of a big deal.

The Alpha pup X-ray - AKA Dash and Quetzal had been courting the bond for a bit now, and from what she understood Dash would be pledging soon! And while Q would still be asleep for a few hours, Piper offered to answer any last minute questions from a Neo perspective the Alpha pup might have. That didn’t mean she was fully awake yet though. She squeezed her legs a little tighter around Romey’s waist, and nuzzled against him.

“Puppy love,” she said dreamily, having the same feeling for her Alpha after six years. “Thanks for letting me come to your Alpha club meeting.”

“Oh, you know how it is.” Romeo chuckled. “Young, excited and nervous as hell. It’s a big step for an Alpha. You and Dove are the eldest bonded Neo’s so what you think has weight. It also helps to have a Neo point of view. So … thank YOU for helping a young pup find the right bond.”

“Of course! I’m happy for them both. Q is so nervous too. I was trying to talk ‘em into a tattoo,” she added, flashing her wrist. “But no dice.”

“Well, not every Neo is as brave as you.” Romeo pointed out with pride. “Give it time … once the whole thing settles soon Q is going to be jumping to get their tat.”

"Show of endearment. You go through everything for us," Piper cooed as they entered the training room, looking at all the pups and knowing full well that she got the best of the bunch. 457, that's my ...

We know already! A sleepy neo groused causing Piper to giggle again.

“So I heard that someone’s ready to take the bon--” she started, when someone nearby shrieked. Piper held her Alpha tighter, and furrowed her brow. “That’s not a Neo,” she said, tilting her head, only to hear a second scream.

“It definitely ain’t an Alpha.” Tragedy added.

"Sy?" Piper realized, worry dripping from her voice.

Romeo nodded to Roach who with Tragedy went to investigate, he and Piper on their heels. The pups exchanged a quick scissors, paper, rock, which Tragedy lost. He knocked three times on the door, and hearing nothing, Roach with ease kicked it in with a well placed boot.

The bathroom door had been left open, no kicking was necessary to Trag’s dismay. The bathroom looked like something out of a horror movie. The inside of the shower cabin was invisible through the thick layer of red liquid that was dribbling down the panes. Splashes of red were all over the walls in every direction. The sink looked like a bubble of blood had exploded over the porcelain.

Sy lay slumped against the wall next to the toilet, entirely naked and covered in the red fluid. It dripped from her hair into small puddles on the tile. Red handprints were on the wall and toilet seat. She looked up wearily as they entered. She tried to raise an arm, but it slumped down and hit the wall with a wet slap. “Wbh bh,” she mumbled. She could barely close her mouth for the swelling of her tongue, which looked alarmingly dark. The toilet bowl was splattered with bloody vomit, chunks still sliding down into the water.

“What the hell!?!” Tragedy asked, his eyes alight.

“Holy shit -- What the hell?” Piper echoed, crinkling her nose, grabbing a towel. “What is this?” Romeo grabbed his Neo’s wrist before she could touch anything on the walls, backing the Neo quickly out of the bathroom, despite her protests. “Is she okay?” Romeo tossed the towel to Roach before ushering Piper further back, despite her protests. “Sy!" she called, the young woman replied by vomiting again. Piper shot a worried glance to her Alpha who true to his nickname wore his usual cool exterior.

“Med bay!” Frosty ordered as the Alpha pup scooped up the goo covered non-Neo girl with the towel. Not knowing what they were dealing with, Romeo made sure to keep his Neo clear of any fall out or debris, keeping her close so Tragedy and Roach could help get the young woman down to urgent care.

“What the hell is it, Romeo? It’s coming from the faucet?” Piper said, pointing to the sink. “You think that Orlock guy -- or one of the protestors put something in the pipes?”

“I don’t know.” The Alpha admitted. “But we best get the water turned off before anyone else gets --” He let the comment hang, seeing the worry on the Neo’s face. “Come on, the main is outside.” Like any Alpha worth their salt, he knew the schematics and layout of the Spire inside out and had dozens of times planned evacuation routes and emergency protocol for almost any situation.

“I’ll try and wake up Pyria, maybe she can make heads or tails of this, warn any Neos who are up to pass the word along.” Piper replied, placing a hand to her head while squeezing Romeo’s arm tightly with the other. The Alpha came off as calm, cool and collected, but the Neo was more than a little scared. The Spire was a safe haven, to think of it as anything but -- she just couldn’t.

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