No One Is Listening

Once outside the Spire, Piper quickly slipped into the grid, dragging behind Romeo as he accessed the water main, his Neo never more than an arms-length away.

“It’s everywhere.” She said ominously, her eyes flickering back and forth, as she accessed news reports. “An attack on Oracle’s water supply, poisoned reservoir… they don’t know what it is, what sort of toxic.” Her brow furrowed as more reports flooded in. “State of emergency, they… they shut the whole water supply down. It’s in Sector five… Romey… We’re Sector Five! People are getting sick, really sick. What if Sy--“ she shook her head. There had to be something that sickbay could do. “And the pups, they came in contact with it too.”

“Focus.” Romeo said flatly. “Task at hand first.” He reminded. He was keenly away how a Neo could inundate with the information swirling around them. So it wasn’t unusual to have to remind them to come back down.

The Water cutoff for the spire was manual like everything else in the Spire and you needed a special tool to shut it off. A long wrench like object he kept forgetting the proper name of because it was so rarely used. Luckily Romeo brought the tool with him slung over his shoulder. No news traveled fas than in the Spire and much to Romeos benefited the tool had been fetched and brought to him before he and Piper headed out the door.

“They don’t know who….” Piper blinked her eyes back into focus at her Alpha’s reminder, watching as her Alpha used what was colloquially known to the Neo as “the wrenchy thing” to turn off the main leading to the Spire. Even though the Oracle Office of Waterworks closed the reservoir down, the reports said that the thick liquid gel was capable of bursting pipes inside of homes. “No one’s taken credit yet.” At least with the warning to stay off the streets, the protestors had for once gone home, many leaving their signs with ugly words left behind. “Is it off?” She peered over his shoulder, wishing the main were somehow computerized. She could then at least help.

“Three more …” Romeo said to his Piper as he moved to the next one. “ ... you know I get it … poison the water supply weakened your opponent to make a statement.” The alpha mused moving to the next shutoff. “But were on freaking Mars … with only so much water so heavily recycled, I’m pretty sure some of it is from the original colony ship … what I don’t get is … why poison the well you’re also drinking from? If this had spread … well … it’s kinda cutting your nose to spite your face.” He said shutting off the last one.

“Maybe I just don’t understand people outside of the Spire.” Romeo admitted leaning the wrench thingy over his shoulder.

“Me either, Romeo,” Piper admitted, scrunching up her face as she looked towards a discarded sign proclaiming “Put the Dogs Down - End the Alphas.” Is that what they were doing? Weakening the opponent? The Neos weren’t the opponent, they kept to themselves, Alpha’s kept the bonded in check, and the others didn’t even leave the Spire. So… why? She bit her lip pensively.

Romeo looked to the sign and back to Piper. “Don’t let it get to you.” He said moving to usher her away. “You know first hand what happens when we don't do our jobs when we miss a Neo.” He said knowing she didn’t need the reminder but still it was hard seeing that kinda stuff day in and day out and it not at some point start to bother you. “You also know first hand what we, the Alphas, actually do.” He said coolly. “I don’t like it either but you would think watching one of us get killed protecting the city from a Rouge Neo would stir an iota of sympathy … “ Admittedly there was a tinge of bitterness in his tone. “... fact is you know we have nothing to prove to anyone.”

“I know..” She replied, letting her voice trail off. The Alphas did more than just protect the Neo. They protected the city when needed, they handled crazy people doing crazy things, they shut water mains down with flat-headed wrench things. “I just wish outsiders knew what you all truly are though. I know we don’t have anything to prove, but a little recognition would be nice now and again. I appreciate you. All of you. Especially you.”

“I think … they can’t understand us, not as you and the others can. We were made with a singular purpose. We grow with one goal in life. I exist because of you … the entire Alpha program exists because of Neos.” Romeo explained. “I live because of you Piper. No can’t understand that expect a Neo with a bond. Its something they overlook. They just see a big bad dog eye goon hovering over a small ‘helpless’ Neo stolen from the crib at birth. If they cared, really cared and bother to look just a little. I think this …” Romeo said with a dismissive way at the anti spire poster littering the gates. “... would be a little different. I don’t care. They just want a bad guy.”

“I care. You’re a lot of things, Romey. My everything. But the one thing you aren’t, not now, not ever is a bad guy.” With the Neos being feared, the Alphas being hated, and now this whole… poisoned water? She had a feeling facts like that wouldn’t matter to anyone, especially not in Sector Five.

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