A Bad Day

JP Between LH and LSP

Newo and Dukes walked back to his car after the long night before. Feeling dirty in more ways than one. “Do you remember anything?” she asked, “Not really, I got little bits of nonsense but nothing solid enough to put any of it together.” Dukes answered opening the door for her as she took a seat, Dukes saw a cop car do a slow roll by before getting in his car and going the opposite way back to his apartment. Once inside Newo was almost instantly undressed and walking to the bathroom. She stepped in his tiny shower and the water was blasting steam filling the room when Dukes poked his head in. “I’m just grabbing some aspirin.” told her as he rummaged in the medicine cabinet.

Newo poked her head out. “Do you want to join me?” she teased. “You’re not going to have enough hot water for two showers and you smell like vodka.”

Dukes looked at the shower. “Two people in the cramped thing. One of us will break our necks.”

“Dukes?” she said from back in the shower. “Can you drop me off at the clinic?”

“Yeah sure.” Dukes paused, “You just let me know when you are ready to go.”


After Newo’s shower and getting ready the two left. Dukes stopped in front of the clinic and left Newo out. “I’ll see you a little later. Try to figure out what happened last night.” she poked his nose. “Detective Dukes.” On the case, he mocked a saulute and drove away. Newo stepped waited a moment to cross the street and saw a cop car drive by. Seeing the cop car it was Rodrigez.

The receptionist an officious but normally friendly woman glanced up nervously as Newo entered the waiting area. She made a show of rearranging papers on her desk and kept glancing back towards the clinic entrance as if waiting for someone to burst in.

Newo walked up to the front desk. “Hello, I have an appointment today at 3 p.m.”

“Erm.. let me see now.” the woman's hands were shaking as she tapped on her keyboard. “Newo you say and you want to see?”

“Dr. Price, I’ve been here several times.” She said “I called for an appointment two days ago.”

“No.. er no we have no appointment for you today… er miss. Perhaps there has been some sort of mistake with the clinic diary, the system has been playing up of late what with all the troubles.”

“Can you at least call and ask him if he could fit me in?” She asked. “It’s just a bit of blood work and a shot.”

“I can check but it will do not good.” The receptionist picked up the phone a dialled into the doctors office. There was a moments silence as they waited for the doctor to pick up.

“Yes doctor I have a young lady by the name of Newo h.. Yes I know. Yes but I… Yes of course.” she placed down the phone and gave Newo a level stare. “I am afraid the doctor is unable to squeeze you in today… perhaps you could try making another appointment through the grid?”

“I don’t have time to reschedule.” She said “I took off work today and am missing several hours of pay. I’ll just talk to him myself.” Newo said, acting like she would casually walk to Dr. Price’s office but ran.

Opening it she saw Dr. Price, he was just replacing the phone in its charging cradle and was turned away. He stiffened as he heard the door open and half turned raising his voice,

“I told you I was not to be disturbed…” he cut off as he saw Newo standing there and as he rounded fully see her she could see the swelling around his nose and eyes and the blood smeared around his split lip. The bruising had not yet set in meaning what ever had injured that man was recent and..,

The image of Rodrigez driving off in his car flashed in Newo’s head.

“Get out!” the doctor spat, taking a step away from Newo and looking around as if trying to find a way out of his office. I do not know what trouble you have gotten yourself into, but I do not want anything to do with it. I have a family and a respectable career.”

“You think I had something to do with this?” She asked, “I’ve already started my treatments and have to keep the schedule.” Newo insisted. “You know that.”

“That man threatened to plant images in my computer, to destroy my reputation. No… no I am afraid it is impossible. Our relationship must be terminated and you will need to find support elsewhere. There are other clinics…”

“Then sue him. You have cameras you have proof just turn him in.” Newo was trying hard to not shout, this creep of a cop was threatening to ruin everything she’d work towards.

“I am sorry I just can not take the risk. He’s OSEC for gods sake. If you want my advice you seek the bastard out and fix this whatever way you can, and if you have any sense you will stay away from people like that in the future.”

Newo clenched her fists. “It’s your job as a doctor to help people. You’re going against that by not give my the medications I need.”

“I...well I… I just can not help you I am sorry.”

“Fine, I’ll be expecting a full refund for the pre-paid sessions.” she said slamming the door. Stepping back into the lobby she pulled out her phone calling the number on the card in her wallet.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” Newo shouted into the phone.

For a long moment there was silence and then just as she was about to hang up, “I thought that might get your attention.” Rod chuckled softly. “That doctor of yours is a real pussy, just a tap on the nose is all it took and… well here you are.”

“What do you want then? What could you possibly want to have gone so far out of your way to beat up an innocent man?” Newo asked.

“What I want my sweet girl is a polite conversation in a very public place. I’ll patch through the time and location and you will meet me… and Newo dear, do not stand me up or a few missed meds will be the least of your concerns.”

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