Purple Elephants part 1

Piper ran a hand along with the bright yellow and black quarantine tape which sectioned off the Pup’s quarters in the Spire which took the brunt of the contamination. Still no official word on what the toxin was, but oddly none of the pups were affected.

OSEC wasted no time in responding. The Spire was supplied with clean water in bottles, Trucks moved into the gates where water could be recycled for showering purposes, which for the neo meant going outside, getting a good hit of the grid while getting clean. Four-minute timers were set for each group, and they were closely monitored by curators and Alphas.. For the time being as a precaution, no food was being prepared. Containment crews were sent within hours to flush out pipes and provide giant air purifiers. Outsiders let into the Spire for the sake of the emergency, most of the neo just as curious about them and what they were doing as the crew was about the Spire, but the interaction was kept to a minimum.

“You know how hard it was to find people with TS security level and NOT have any tech in them?” Romeo griped.

Even so, all the Alphas and Pups somehow managed to find an excuse to linger near an about the interlopers who had been allowed into their territory. Alpha as a whole could not help but feel that this was a security risk but little choice ad been given as to how they felt about it. That didn’t mean they weren't going to watch them like hawks to insure not funny business took place.

“Very?” Piper asked, dragging her feet a half step behind her Alpha. The Neo was in no rush to get to the cafeteria.

“Awe everything okay?” Romeo said with a pout. He couldn’t help poke fun of her. “They’re not that bad!” He nudged with a chuckle.

Piper shot him ‘the look,’ and playfully swatted his arm. “They’re dreadful! I’m actually glad the outsiders are here, it gives the neo something to chatter about other than--” she grimaced and shuddered, thinking back to breakfast.

“Boobs?” The alpha snorted deliberately being obtuse. It would be a lie to say occasionally Pups and Bonded alike messed with the Hive mind by taking advantage of human psychology.

Piper laughed in response, shoving him lightheartedly. “A purple elephant? Really Romey!” Some of the younger, Neo tittered, and when Piper threw in the word tittered some of the older Neo did as well. “Fish in a barrel, and you know it.” In a hive mind, where even preschoolers knew if Halo was in your thoughts not much was left to the imagination, but certain words were still just funny.

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