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Fly Jailbird Fly

Kellar sat on the floor of the cell with his hands clasped around his knees. He fought the urge to grind his teeth as he silently cursed his fucked up luck. Garn was dead the useless fuck and Shard too by the sounds of it. He had been kept down here in this cell for over a week waiting for his sentencing.

The fucking Neophytes had dumped him like a bag of old trash. Those creatures with their Alpha goons were not human. Mindless automatons of the state is what Logos called them and Kellar was of a mind to agree. It still stung him that they had been beaten to that Sy bitch, or what ever her name was. At least Garn had messed her up some before they fled. She could be dead, now that was a thought. Every cloud had a silver lining.

OSEC had tried to interrogate him of course, but they had rules and he had no tech implants. Besides the Inkmesh he was pure gentech and biografts well that was a big old fuck you to the system. Your average jacked up Joe could be hacked seven different ways in order to get them to squeal and Kellar was not for squealing, he was a professional.

He grimaced as he imagined Garn taking the piss out of that particular claim. That guy had been fucked in the head but damn it he would miss him covering his back in a tight spot. Good partners were hard to find these days. He flexed his hands, the bruises and fractures were slowly healing and soon he would be back in shape. Just in time to get sent to the Mind Cage for life.

He heard hushed conversation outside his cell. A visitor. The tone of the conversation changed and low angry words were exchanged before a sharp thud told of a violent exchange. Kellar moved quickly to stand and face the door. Ready for what might come next. He scanned the cell for likely weapons, nothing.

He heard shuffling outside. A body being dragged away? And then footsteps returning. Sparks flew from the maglock door hinges and Kellar stepped back as the door swung outwards....

There was nobody there. Kellar peered out into the corridor and took a deep breath. This could be a trick. They could be trying to break him. To give him hope only to take it away?

He spied the bag then. It had been left deliberately in front of his door. He ran forward and kneeing he opened it. There was a radio, a side arm and a healthy supply of explosives complete with a remote detonator. As he picked the radio up it came to life.

"Mr Kellar do you read me?"

"Fuck me is that you? Is that?"

"Logos." the voice answered, "Now Mr Kellar we do not have much time please do exactly as I say and we will have you out of there and back on the pay roll within the hour."

Kellar listened very carefully to his instructions and at last tucked the radio into his belt. Getting to his feet he ran to the distant stair well. As he moved he notices cameras deactivating. Those tiny red lights flickering to black just as they were about to capture his image.

He climbed the stairs, pausing at each landing to ensure he did not get to far. At the moment he was on a sub-basement floor and he needed to get to the ground level without being seen. Or caught at least..

One floor from his destination a man and woman emerged from the double doors on that floor and Kellar wasted no time shooting the man full in the face and throwing the woman over the banister to crash down twenty floors to the lower basement. He gulped a deep breath the adrenaline kicking in and feeding his Inkmesh skin grafts.

Up he went to the ground floor exit and then called the elevator. Moments passed and there was a ping as it arrived. Quickly he set the explosives inside before hacking the controls panel and sending it down. Too easy, he thought. There would be fail safes, alarms for this kind of thing. He looked up to the camera in the lift. Dead like the others. Either Logos had found a way into the OSEC mainframe or he was getting inside help.

"Fuck me." he shook his head as he hit the button to send the lift all the way down to where the buildings utilities, its vital organs sat. When this baby went kaboom the cops would squeal. His radio crackled into life.

"Very good Keller. The machine chooses its acolytes well."

"Yeah what ever you say boss, as long as the machine covers my ass and pays in Creds I am your man."

"It is time for the show Mr Kellar, in three, two, one..."

The building shook as the explosives detonated below. Lights flickered and died and alarms sounded.

He rushed forward toward the stairway exit and froze as he saw the high level of security there. Several guards nudged each other and began to chatter over their comms while eye balling him. He returned their stares and with a grin he levelled his weapon. They were not prepared for an attack from within.

"Let's dance mother fuckers." he cried as he drove forward, taking two OSEC cops down with a bullet to each head and sending the others to cover.

A roar of ammunition drove him back as something fired into the building from the outside. He covered his eyes to guard from the spray of shattered glass and leapt behind a pillar before peeking out. What the fuck? Two armoured OSEC flyers were raining bullets into the building... but not at him. They were targeting the security guards.

He pulled himself together. This was the OSEC central. He had literally minutes before a squad of armed cops came running in and then it was fucking game over. Taking a deep breath he left cover and ran down the centre of the room trusting in the hijacked OSEC tech to keep him out of their sights.

A bullet grazed his thigh bouncing harmlessly off the mesh another took him in the shoulder from behind, the spray of blood showing its passage through his flesh. Damned armour piecing. Fuck!

Then he was out. Throwing himself through the shattered glass doors and stumbling into the red glare of day. A third vehicle waited at ground level door open. He glanced inside. It was empty, controls flicked to auto. With a whoop of delight he jumped inside and strapped himself in as the vehicle took off. He noted with satisfaction that the two drones remained behind pouring lead into the building.

The cops would make short work of them of course but it would slow the fuckers down. He slapped his knees and roared with laughter as he tore away into the City. He was going to find a bar and get absolutely shit face plastered. Fuck yeah!!

"Welcome back mr Keller." came the voice of Logos over the comm, "I think it is time we met to discuss your future."

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