Hard Kandi Pt.3

The raver blinked back hot tears of rage, crouching down by Axel. “Hey hey hey, are you all right?”

Axel groaned lightly as he rolled onto his stomach, “I’m good, I’m..Hey! The fuckers bolting!” With one hand to his stomach he tried to take off after Hendrix, but failed to get a grip with his feet and fell to his knees. “I’ll fucking put a socket where your dick should be you asshole!” He shouted and tried to launch himself forward from his kneeling position.

Cyd grabbed hold of Axel’s upper arm, holding tightly and leaning her weight back. His arm was bonier than she remembered last, and instantly, of all things, she thought of having him over for dinner more often. “Whoa, let ‘em go, let’ em go, It’s okay!”

He nearly broke free and pulled Cyd with him, convinced the grip was just some random passerby in the heat of the moment before turning back. “Yo get the fu-” the rush of the fight subsided a bit as he saw Cyd clutched to him, “Cyd, shit, Cyd? Fucking….Woooo.” He exhaled hard and looked back to the pursuer. “Cyd you gotta let me-”

Cyd wobbled as Axel tried to shrug her off, one arm tightly held around his bicep, the other ready to block if need be. “Relax!” she choked out, more to convince herself than him. Going after Hendrix would be stupid, they didn’t know who he might have waiting or what he might do. She wasn’t sure who she was angrier at, Hendrix for his boss’ stupid demand or herself for not paying it - Speed could’ve been hurt or worse, and for what? Ten percent? A few stupid clicks? “Don’t leave.”

Axel turned back to her, looked her over quickly, and felt the world focus in. He clutched the back of her head and brought it close, he didn’t know much about emotional support but he found that hugs tended to help. “Shit CC, I’m...shit are you okay? He didn’t like….there were some people, they said you were getting choked out but someone said that was a sex thing? I wasn’t buying that but then I saw your headphones and I thought ‘she never takes those off aside from when-’ but yeah I grabbed them and..and...and” He pulled her even tighter to his chest and his wild heartbeat as he started to laugh, “Hahah I’m just glad you’re okay, and I’m here, and...shit wait are you okay?”

That was Speed, loyal to a fault, no regard for his own safety. His heart was beating as fast as his nickname, and he wore the intoxicating scent of nitrous, sweat and concrete dust, making her dizzy as she drew in long, deep breaths next to his skin. She almost involuntarily dug her fingertips into his back, returning the fierce hug. His heat, his adrenaline high was infectious, -- If only he’d just shut up and stop talking-- Cyd knotted the neck of his shirt in her fist and pulled him roughly to her, crushing her lips to his.

The world seemed to blur out like white noise and focused in on the moment for Axel as they held one another. Whether that was due to his adrenaline, the fight, some residual drug on Cyd, or something else all together he was unsure, but if her goal was to shut him up it certainly had worked. He broke briefly, to catch his breath, but didn't allow the parting to last long as he hastily reconnected with her lips. For a brief few moments more he held her tight and then parted, "So I'm going to take that as a 'you are okay' thing right?"

Cyd bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes until they’d put a little distance between each other, finally letting go of the death grip she had on his shirt. “I’m fine,” she told him in a growly voice, knowing how she could be even better. But people talk, plus she was working. The raver bounced on her toes, shaking out each foot, her hands, rolling her neck and shoulders, literally shaking it off. She let out a small laugh as she remembered Lexi asking about the back seat of Axel’s car. Oh, Lex, if you only knew.

“So you wanna go rave?” She asked, spinning on her toes as she slipped her cat ears back onto her head. “What are you looking for? Rains? Red Devils? Whatcha need? I’ll hook you up.”

Axel grinned at what wasn't likely supposed to be a double entendre before a look of worry came back to his mind, "Oh fuck." He paced away from Cyd and scratched at his head in thought. Turning back to face her, "I might have promised to get some stuff for some people I brought from the race."

He thought about how the hell he was going to balance these social circles out. He pulled up his phone to be ready to offer clicks, "I'm good for it though, had a nice payoff thanks to your little joyride earlier so really I think I owe you."

“My joyride?” Cyd asked, tilting her head. “You mean to get Lexi? When I -- or Mathias -- may have dented your car?”

Axel laughed at the memory slightly, “Hey, whoever gave me that def can get a part of the pot.” He approached closer to explain without straining his voice over the music, “Their dent gave me a race with an absolute lemon of a car, but damn if the crowd didn’t eat that shit up. 500 watts over this poor kid hahaha.” Axel burst into a light laughter as he got right into Cyd’s face, “But yeah, Math might have sent me some deets, we’re bros like that, and maybe I heard some stuff, so I figure that I owe you.”

Cyd giggled at his enthusiasm over the race details, her body once again shivering as she held up both her hands. “Can’t wait to collect, maybe after the rave? Party favors are a finders fee for bringing noobie ravers. New policy. Just do me a fav?” She raised both eyebrows and lowered her voice to a more serious tone. “Don’t tell Math about the fight. He worries, and when he worries it involves a bat, and then I worry, and he’s got other things on his plate. Promise me?” She held up her littlest finger in a juvenile display of a pinky promise.

Axel looked up and down Cyd as she held aloft her pinky, partly surveying and partly assessing her concern. He held his hand next to hers and locked his pinky tight, “You know I’m in Matty’s corner, but damn CC, when have I ever been able to say no to you?” He smiled deeply and pulled close with the pinky grip.

“Last I counted? Never.” Cyd replied suggestively, pressing her body against Axel’s. Her pinky still linked to his she placed the palm of her hand to his stomach, bringing it down to the waist of his thread-bare jeans. “How far away did you park?”

He exhaled sharply through his nostrils as he turned his head to the side, partly scanning the crowd and partly to avoid showing too red of a face, “far enough, definitely quiet.” he rubbed his chin with his hand as he turned back, “I did promise them though…” he let out. With Cyd it was always a force against his more base impulses, and balancing her and Mathias was more than a job. But he had made a promise, “...maybe I drop off the goods, you make a few customers or something and then we figure out what’s good?”

"We know what’s good.” Cyd teased, sliding her lips up the base of his neck to his ear.

Axel thought over the prospect, it had been a minute since he'd seen or heard from Matthias, so the prospect was hard to turn down, even given the circumstances,

Hearing him inhale sharply, she giggled and relented, peeling herself back away. “DJ Digi Kitty takes rainchecks. How bout if take over selling so you an him can hang with your crew, He probably needs a break, and you know him and gearhead talk.”

“Alright DJ Digi Kitty, raincheck, I’ll go sniff him out and make sure he’s got a good deal on the noobies.”

“You just go take care of the virgin ravers. You’re being a shitty host.” she said lightheartedly, kissing her thumb and pressing it to the tip of his nose. “I’ll get you some favors on the house, and send Math your way.”

Axel gripped her hand as it moved back and gave it a brief kiss, "You know how to find me. And I appreciate it."

Cyd smiled to herself, skipping off into the horde of ravers to find Mathias.

Hate to see her go love to watch her leave, Axel thought, and made his own way back toward his 'crew'.

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