Life Lessons

“Tonight at Seven, Franks bar and grill. Wear something sexy and come alone.” the message arrived moments later and was followed up with a dick pic, which given that the organ in question was framed in a flame red afro, did not belong to Rod. What the fuck was wrong with the guy!? The winky face and two kisses just made the whole thing ten times more creepy. Could she really do this? Could you afford not to? He had stopped her treatments for god's sake, what else could he do?

Newo got a cab and went home. Taking out her best dress, it wasn’t that sexy a dress that was basically a knee length sweater and thigh high socks. But it’s all she had. Putting on make-up of smoky eye shadow, winged eye-liner and matte lipstick. She put her hair in a big pony-tail with little metal sticks to hold it in place. Worse comes to worse she could use one as a weapon to stab him in the eye or some where lowe, if she could get to them.

Getting another cab Newo rode to the location sent to her, Frank’s Bar and Grill. “What a dump…” she said, seeing the tacky neon sign of what looked like a naked woman in a cowboy hat lassoing a cactus. Newo rolled her eyes, “Of course he’d pick a place like this.” she said walking in.

The crash of bowling pins was the first thing she heard as she entered the lobby. Looking around the whole place seemed to be filled with off duty OSEC and cheap hookers. Smoke lingered around the room as did the smell of strong liquor and sweat. An overweight brute with an unkempt beard pushed past her on his way to the men's room and almost knocker her flying. As she stumbled a rough hand grabbed her arm and steadied her.

“Well, aren't you just a fish out of water.” It was him, “Do you bowl?” Rod grinned down at her as he let go of her arm.

Newo shook her head. “Bowling is gross.” she said. “And it hurts my wrists.” Newo added.As she looked around their were far more people than she had thought. Women maybe some were like her, but they all had skirts that were far too short and boots that were far too long. She guessed Rodriguez had wanted her to dress like them, and the men were all over sized and grunting while guzzling cheap beer that looks like an over hydrated persons piss and nachos that looked like they soaked in cheese for a week. Everything had a film of age, dirt, and god knows what sticky substances, and a stink of the same spilled beer and a high school boys locker room.

“If you keep staring at people like that someone will take a bottle to your pretty little face and that would be a shame.”

“Somehow I doubt that will happen unless you give them a signal to.” she said coldly as he smiled in a way that was too pleased with himself.

“Drink then.” Rodriguez walked over the bar not waiting for Newo to follow. He ordered himself a beer and her a diet coke. Handing her the glass he smiled and sat himself down on a nearby bar stool.

“So here’s the thing,” he said at last after a long sip of his beer, “I have clients up town. You know the type, lonely old rich men. Corporates. These men they like to go out and enjoy themselves and when they do they like company. They pay well and the girls they have a good time and earn good money. No strings mind you everything is voluntary. Anyway, I got me a very specific order and it just so happens that you my dear won the lottery. You are precisely what the doctor ordered so to speak.”

He sat there grinning at his own whit while he waited for her response.

“I think I will pass.” she said. “I already told you I. AM. NOT. A. HOOKER.” Newo said short and choppy, in an attempt to get the point across. “I don’t care how much your little fogie wants, but I ain’t interested.” she said twiddling her fingers on the glass he had sat in front of her. Watching it fizz.

“And there is nothing I can do to change your mind? Not even my stunt with your clinic has convinced you to see things my way?”

“Plenty of places in town to go. I just didn’t want the hassle.” she said.

“Well that’s it then. Drink up and I will drive you home.”

Newo looked at him with a skeptical glance. “Really?”

“No, I know when I am defeated and you young lady are made of stern stuff, I submit. You are…” he finished off his beer in one long gulp… “off the hook.”

“I don’t really drink diet drinks.” Newo said, “So I think I will pass.”

“Look, I paid good money for that damn drink and if you can’t show the courtest of allowing me to escort you back home well then fuck it, I’ll call over a couple of the boys and let them show you a real good time.” He gave a wave to a man walking by with a grey beard and tattoos creeping over his balding head.

“Hey Rod, tell Ginny thanks for the hook up.” the man called over.

“No problem Sten, any time.” he looked at Newo then, “Well what’s it to be? A free drink and a ride home or a close and intimate encounter with Sten and his three brothers? What’s it to be? I am easy either way.”

Everything in her screamed to not do it but she took a deep breath and chugged the drink. The fizz burned the back of her nose and it tasted like a generic of a generic brand. As the last of it went down she slammed the plastic glass on the table. “You fucking happy?”

“Ecstatic!” Rod replied, “Right let’s go before I change my mind and make you walk.”

Rod led her outside to where his car was parked. Not the usual OSEC squad car she had seen him in, this was a pimped out Selon Mustang modelled after the old earth cars from the VR flicks. It lit up and unlocked as they approached and the driver and passenger door opened on their own.

Newo’s eyes scanned over the car. “I’ve seen more impressive but it’s fancy.” she commented

“Got her off a friend of mine. He owed me a favour. Fully automated with optional Maglift if I want to take her up top to the Skyway. Built in eighth gen AI and a whole bag of tricks I haven't even begun to get my head around.”

“Don’t think most understand AI. I sure don’t and don’t care to.” she commented

“OSEC is a tough gig, job like that comes with perks.” as they took their seats the doors closed behind them and the locks clicked into place making Newo jump. There was a finality to that click and something in Rods eyes resonated with the sound. He smiled and flicked on the radio.

“Been a while since we took a drive together.” he gave her a wink.

“What a shame…” she commented dryly watching out the window.

They moved off at speed but the car was a masterpiece and they hardly felt the road beneath them. Rod drummed his fingers on the dash as the AI drove them out of the district and then in began to dawn on Newo that they were going the wrong way.

“I live the other way.” Newo pointed behind them.

“Oh we’re just taking a detour. Relax, you should start feeling it in a moment.”

Newo’s eyes got wide. “Feeling what.”

“I cant believe you drank that fucking drink. You deserve whats coming next you really do.”

“You fuck what did you do to me?!” she shouted as thing wobbled and her vision swam he showed her off feeling her head hit the window everything went black.

“Well here we are.”

“Wha..what…?” She questioned. “Whe...where’s..Du…” she wasn’t able to finish before she felt
the passenger door opened up and Newo almost fell out onto the floor. Rod caught her under the arms and dragged her back to her unsteady feet.”

“Woah there darlin.. Don’t want to get that pretty dress all messed up.”

Newo looked around everything looked wobbly and like she was seeing the world through gobbles covered in vaseline. But she could tell there was tons of Newo and her house wasn’t anywhere near neon and Dukes’ apartment only had a few small signs hear by. “Where...are...we?” she managed to say, through a dry mouth. At least she was trying to say that, in her head it was clear but out loud it was nothing but cotton mush-mouthed slurring.

“Welcome to the Blue Rooms twinkerbell.” Rod shoved her towards an open doorway where to hefty looking bouncers caught her and held her fast while they spoke to Rod.

“My er… niece here wants to live a little.” Rod offered his click box to the bouncer and made a transfer. “Throw onto the dance floor and don't let her out until last orders.”

“We’re twenty four seven.” one of the bouncers laughed.

“Well then she’s in for one hell of a night. See ya sweet cheeks. He lent in and breathed into her ear, “Consider this a little life lesson.” and with that he slapped her on the ass and walked back to his car laughing.

Still only half aware of what was happening she heard Rod “Wh…” she wasn’t able to finish the thought before the other bouncer was pulling her inside. As the dark glass doors closed she saw rod one last time.

Rod did not turn he simply raised his arm and gave her the finger before getting in his car and driving away. She was in the fucking Hive!

(JP with LargeHobbit)

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