A Chance Meeting

The runner stood defeated in front of Lawrence, the news of his first true interaction with this Mathias evidently meaning little to his boss.
“I’m sorry boss, I swear I almost had her squealing. If I can go back with a few more guys, I can get you the deal for sure!”
Wincing after finishing his offer, Hendrix waited the dreaded thrashing his boss was well known for. Instead, he felt a firm hand on his shoulder and Lawrence giving praise.
“You did well my friend, this was only a test. They clearly have confidence if they would fight our offer so hard, but that means they have something to lose. Did Mathias say anything else?”
At this his lackey froze, the chose his words carefully.
“Well, sir... the man isn’t the easiest to talk to. Besides I don’t talk to him directly.”
He quickly ducked a right hook, barely missing a following kick.
“Boss! He has a sister! That’s who I talk to, she runs the raves!! She was the one who turned you down!”
Lawrence was ready to kill the man for such idiocy, but immediately calmed at the new information.
“A sister? By the System you have given me the answer Hendrix! Come, you have earned yourself some fresh supplies.”
With his runner rewarded and sent off, Lawrence returned to his room. A small part of him almost missed the brats that had filled the space not so long ago. Now it contained a decent looking desk covered in maps. If he were to be successful, he needed to know where he was and what territory he had.
Gazing down at the closest one, he grimaced at the pathetic circle that was his. From what he had heard, Mathias covered nearly twice his range and probably had more. The trick now was to make it seem like he had more power and this sister was going to be his ticket.
Hendrix couldn’t meet her again, there was no way she would trust him if he had been as... brash as he seemed. He thought of going himself, but the thought of going to a rave was enough to make him have to choke down the unsavory lunch he had eaten.
After setting his precautionary bucket down, he was struck with an idea.
Hendrix had only been the messenger and druggies often mixed up what they were meant to say.
Hendrix eased himself into Lawrence’s room, already tripping hard and lost in the high.
“Yo boss, you need me again so so-“
It didn’t take much to send Hendrix to sleep, but Lawrence knew he wasn’t much in terms of strength.
He was glad he had bought a car, nothing fancy, but it stood out among the trash vehicles around it. Another thing he was glad he bought, some bio recognition. Anyone that wasn't him would be shocked with enough power to send them into a coma, if they even lived at all.
Getting Hendrix in with the help of a few cooks, he got directions to a frequently used rave spot and drove off.

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