KandiMan (Hard Kandi - 4)

Cyd stood on her tip toes, craning her neck to find Mathias. Crisscross pointed out the last place he’d seen him, and hoisted the raver up onto his shoulders so she could get a better look. High on Matty’s Cosmic Rains, he spun in too fast of a circle for her to actually see anything, but once her eyes could refocus, Math wasn’t too far off, the tell-tale Red and Black leather Jacket that meant the pharma store was open for business.

“Hey hey Kandiman!” she called over the sound of Melodydrama’s set. “Feel like letting a pro take over? Speed’s here, I think he’s got some Race Rabbits with him if you’re feelin’ lucky. You know how sexxxxxy you find gearhead talk.”

Mathias lifted an eyebrow after setting up some bunnies with fun pills. “The Pro is at work, thank you very much. Don’t you have work still?”

“I look better in the jacket. And party favors IS part of the job. Hype the crowd! So it’s kinda win-win. Speaking of which, I told Speed I’d comp him a few cosmic rains. I’ll pay you for ‘em, just please don’t let ‘em know.” She held up her wrist to transfer the clicks.”I think like 8.”

“Really … kinda brother would I be charging my own sister like that.” Mathias tsked.

“The kind that’s got mouths to feed at home. Don’t be stubborn, it’s for a bunch of rave virgins, show ‘em what’s the what, maybe convince ‘em this is their scene. Business investment."

“Yea, yea logic me into a corner …” He grumbled as he traded clicks for pills.

“You only think you’re the smart sibling.” She replied with a shrug as he counted out the pills. “Speed's over by the scaffolding, when was the last time you and him got to kick it? Between you working and your little ducklings - no- I ain’t told him, and him racing, chances like this is few and far between. Gimme the store. DJ Digi-Kitty is about to turn into KandiKitty. And I know the drill. Clicks no creds, and if anyone gives me lip…" she thought back to Hendrix and smiled. "I can handle it."

“Pushy pushy!” Mathis said shrugging off the coat and passing it to his sister. “Have fun, don’t let the mob get you … am I coming back for this or we getting breakfast tomorrow?”

“Breakfast. I’ll be here all night, and I said race rabbits, right? You may be busy.” She held her arms out for the kandi store coat. “And pushy moves pharma!” She bragged.

“Hey I’m a Pops and all that now … I can't be staying out in the wee hours with little ones expecting cereal in the morning!” Mathias teased. “Oh! Conner made his very first kandi. I promised him only you would wear it …” He said fishing out a bracelet with seemingly random colors, heart beads and the word ‘Auntie’ strung together.

“Aw … the feels.” Mathias said holding it up to display to his sister.

“I LOVE it!” Cyd said, with a smile, surprised at how it made her heart warm. She pictured his little fingers working diligently, Conner was incredi-kid. “Sweetest kandi I own. You sure he don’t wanna give it to me? I can show him the handshake?” She held out a peace sign to let him slide the bracelet on.

“He was ADAMANT when I went out that you HAD to have it.” Mathias chuckled. “Who am I to defy his logic. Eitherway, he is thrilled. I’ll put a credit under his pillow and tell him you moonlight as a Kandi Fairy.”

“Kitty-Kandi-Fairy!” Cyd said, gingerly admiring the bracelet on her wrist. "I'll have Speed make me a magic wand outta old parts.” Just as cautiously, Cyd slid into the Kandi Store that was Mathias’ trademark jacket. “Red Jacket” Hendrix called him. Best if he not be wearing it if Hendrix came back.

“Where’s Ax?” He asked.

Cyd put her hands on Math’s arms to turn him around. From behind him, she pointed over his shoulder directing him to where she saw Axel and his new friends, then decided to lead him herself. "C’mon, I wanna meet the unsullied. Oh! And make sure you Invite Speed to breakfast.” She ordered, "Tell ‘em it’s our treat. Rave did a little better than expected this week.” Two and a half percent better.

“Sure been a while since we all kicked it together.” Mathias smiled.

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