Rave Racers

Cyd ducked in and out of ravers, checking over her shoulder to make sure Mathias was still in tow. She stopped once to sell a few Red Devils, and talked the buyer into a couple of Nitros to give a try. She doubted she could outsell Mathias, but she liked him to be able to count on her, especially now that he had responsibility at home.

“Heya Speed!” She chirped, finding him amongst a group of new faces. “Toldja if I said his name three times, I’d find the Kandiman! Hey hi!” She sang to all of the racers, slinging her arms around their shoulders.

Axel had come back to a fairly positive assessment and as Cyd broke through he was just finishing up explaining that he, 'had someone on the way with the goods' so her timing was, as usual, perfection.

“I’m DJ Digi Kitty slash KandiKitty, depending. “We have some party pharma for you all if you’re looking to roll, on the house - compliments of Speed.” She tossed Axel a wink. “This your first time?” One of the girls smelled vaguely like vomit, and since she hadn’t been there long enough yet to party, Cyd chalked it up to Speed and his zero G’s. “Do you shuffle?” She chatted up the new ravers so Math and Axel could catch up.

As the group squeed and patted at one another for attention to shift to Cyd, Axel slipped aside to go shoulder to shoulder with Matthias. "So.." Axel started, "how’s the Skye clan doing these days."

“Surviving apparently.” Mathias chuckled and gave Axel a once over. “The hell happened to you” Mathis quirked looking at the state his friend was in.

Not wanting to worry his friend and combined with a need to keep certain details secret from him, "Oh you know how it is, a few rough races...a shitty employer...I'm basically a slave now more than I ever was. Life is good." He laughed back and sought to turn the conversation from his scars, "Hey at least I made it outright? I'm not a complete isolationist!" He gave a faux excited tone as he bumped him with his shoulder, "and I brought a bit of a crew with me as well eh?" He motioned to the group as Cyd explained how best to take their medicine for the night and they looked on like excited schoolchildren.

“No!” Cyd laughed, offering a glow stick to the new raver to hype the trip more. “Under the tongue and hold it til you can’t stand it no more, feel like your whole body’s gonna float into space! Wait for it, you’re gonna SEE the music, I promise!”

Mathias eyed Axel with suspicion but wasn’t willing to push the subject. Everyone had their own problems and he respected his friend to tell him when he was ready. “Mom’s been asking when you're coming for dinner, you should come this Sunday or she might just come to drag you.” The drug slinger jibbed.

Axel leaned down and snapped back upright, "You know I was working up to some clever 'hows your mom doing' thing? But damn me if I ever turn down Skye family hospitality." He laughed openly now, dropping the cool guy facade and offering an open hand to Matthias, "Bro it's good to see ya'"

“Yea adulting is time-consuming!” Mathias chortled happy to take Axel's open hand. “Also I realized we are at a rave but it still adulting when you working it.” He said a sheepish hint to his voice. “I also it’s less hospitality more hostage negotiation. It’s mom after all.” The Skye matriarch was a force to be reckoned with after all. When she asked when you were coming for dinner what she was really saying come to dinner or I will hunt you down. How she missed her calling as a bounty hunter was a mystery.

"You right," he offered as he tightened the grip into a quick hug. "Count me in then, I know better than to piss Mrs. Skye off." He loosened his grip on Matthias hand, "Sounds like you're getting old now though Math, what you squirt out some kids or something haha!" He patted him on the back, "Nah man remember, we don't get old we get experienced."

Cyd handed one of the new ravers a lollypop so she didn’t chew the inside of her mouth up when rolling, shooting eyes to Math to see if he needed an assist.

“Ha!” Mathias said with a nervous laugh. He didn’t squirt ‘em out but he did kind of unofficially adopt three of ‘em. “You know 9 to 5 grind and all that.”

"Tell me about it man, I'm feeling it. Then again that could just be the race fatigue." He stretched back and seemed a bit surprised at the pain and did his best not to show it. "Buuut hey no jacket on right? Means you got time to relax right?"

Seeing him wince, Cyd shot worried eyes to Axel to see if he needed an assist.

He caught her gaze and gave a quick smile to indicate that nothing was wrong, "Cyd's handling it well anyway. So what's your plan? You're not babysitting all night eh?"

“KandiKitty’s got this!!” Cyd replied with a giggle, holding the jacket open by the lapels and spinning in a circle. Inwardly her stomach was still in a knot. She missed the days when they all could tell each other anything and everything because playing keep-away with information was a really shitty part of adulting.

“Cyd makes demands and corners me into agreeing with her … she claims I work too hard and am in constant need of unwinding.” Mathias said dryly as Cyd spun like a manic pixie in the slightly oversized coat. “Which could be true but I admit nothing with her in earshot.”

Axel looked over Cyd as well, though quickly took his eyes back to Matthias lest they wander too long. He decided he'd do well to get Math away from his sister and any further awkward looks so, slapping him on the back, he started to move the two of them toward the groupies that Cyd had just served, "Well let's get out of earshot then huh? I got this whole group out here because they're all in on the whole racing and gear head talk. Sooo I think even with your skills being as rusty as they are maybe you hold a conversation for more than a second?"

“Next hit’s three clicks!” Cyd told the new ravers with a wave of a glow stick. They looked like they could spare a little extra, and if she could help Matty earn better bank? That was a win. The boys needed to kick back. With Math working all the time and Axel's contract holder screwing him for free work, hopefully they'd both get to blow off some steam, take some cosmics or go cruising. She on the other hand, was just getting started. Twirling on her light-up toes, she romped back into the rabble of ravers. ”Who wants? Who needs! I got!”

“Gah that’s a whole lot rust you asking me to kick off. How long had it been since I talked shop about cars? Hell all my shits probably outdated.” Mathias said easily being guided by Ax.

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