Welcome to Wonderland

Newo stumbled into the Blue Rooms. Wobbling on her feet, she knew she wasn’t going out the door with those bouncers there, and even if she did get out where would she go? She knew she wasn’t in Oracle but other than that she was lost. She stood only a few feet from the door. Trying to get the blur from her vision. The place was loud, and the temperature was either higher than it should be or the amount of bodies so close together was the factor here. She wasn’t sure

Newo eyes scanned what she could see, seeing lots of people who were heavily modded stumbling back and forth between the entrance and what appeared to be a large dance floor. The music was a dull thud out here, dampened by tech installed around the doorway. A young couple, two boys around her own age walked past arm in arm and she tried to get their attention. One of them turned and she flinched back, his eyes were the colour of quicksilver, no pupil or iris. It made him look inhuman. His boyfriend whispered something in his ear and they both walked away laughing before Newo could say anything.

Passing into the main dance floor, the music hit Newo like a solid wall of sound. The high synth sounds playing against the low drum beats and vocals pulsed through her body and she had to grab hold of a nearby table to steady herself. She looked down at her hand then, noticing a gold R stamped on her skin. When had that happened? She turned her hand this way and that watching the stamp trace across the strobe lights that flickered from above.

The whole place was a heaving mess of flesh and tech. The smell of alcohol and fresh sweat hung in the air with an undercurrent of sex. Many of the dancers out there were naked, many of them were naked together, their dancing transformed into drug fueled melding of flesh and fluids. Locked in a private world of pleasure as the steady heave of the music tore away their inhibitions. Newo laughed despite herself.

A young woman walked up to her, her chest bare revealing twinned pierced nippled and a network of spidering tattoos that reach down into the top of her silver skirt. She held a tray filled with drinks and offered it to Newo, glancing down to the R stamp on her hand.

“VIP rooms up that way sweety.” she nodded her head back towards a wide stairway on the other side of the dance floor, “This your first time?”

Newo nodded, and pointed to the lit stairway that seems like it was 100 miles away having to cross the dance floor. The topless woman nodded. “Yeah that’s the way up.” she said, and Newo went that way. Despite the bad situation she was in, she couldn’t help make the comment to herself. “And I thought the bowling alley was sticky.” she thought as she found herself at the edge of the dance floor looking for some way around the back of all the chaos. Though she had no such luck. “Deep breaths just go. If you keep moving you will be fine.” she said to herself, not that anyone could hear it, she only knew she said it because she thought it. “Fine.” she said and pressed past a few people that gave confused looks. “God the smell….” she nearly gagged on the stink of sweat and sex.

As she got near the other side someone slammed into her. Not on purpose that she could tell it was like they were shoved. Newo stumbled and caught herself on instinct on the nearest person, “I’m sorry.” she said getting her feet again, noticing the man. He was an average looking guy, except his weird hair that went from black to red, or that was the weird part until Newo noticed the man’s modification. His ‘little gentleman went easily to past his knee and was held in place by a belt, presumably to keep it from going rogue on the dance floor.

He gave a smile that looked oddly shy, “Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Oh god…” Newo rushed off the dance floor, and to the stairs. Looking back and seeing the man hadn’t followed.

What came to the stairs beside her easily her made its way into her top five weirdest things to see today. It was a man on all fours, his shoulders were as broad as Newo’s torso was long. His arms were HUGE they would take both her hands to wrap around them and likely then some, his outfit looked like a black latex unitard with a neck that came up to meet what looked like if you crossed a horse head with a gas mask, riding on his back ‘side saddle was a woman wearing a latex stereotypical police uniform and matching hat, and boots with heels and lift that easily added over a foot to her height, that came up to her mid thigh, her nails were long and painted a deep purple.

Newo wasn’t sure how to react to any of this.The woman go off her stallion and stood allowing him to stand. “Up.” the woman said and the man scooped her up in a ‘bridal carry’ and they started up the steps. Newo following shortly behind them. At the top of the stairs she saw the man put the woman down and get back on all four. “Good boy.” she said, sitting on his back once again.

Newo reached to top to find a richly furnished lounge area with private booths lining the walls. Sound filters kicked in at the top of the stairs with the heavy beats of the dance floor below giving way to a soft techno jazz. The room was climate controlled and the only harsh smells up here was the occasional acrid whiff of the vape jars that were being handed from table to table. The animal lust and thrust of the crowd was not present here either. Up here the vice was more refined, but no less apparent.

Rowan watched the screen as she pounded her hips against the young blonde bent over and tied down to her desk. The neural mesh in her strapon appendage was linked in to her nervous system and feeling better than the real thing, as far as she could remember anyway. She gasped as her passion spiraled to its climax, her eyes locked on the image of a young girl climbing the stars into the VIP area. Her body stiffened and shivered with pleasure as the final thrust brought her home with a scream for herself and a muffled cry from her partner.

Still breathing heavily and with beads of sweat running down the length of her naked body she reached back and unhooked the straps. Stepping away leaving the device in place she turned to look at a nervous looking man in a cheap grey suit.

“It’s good.” she breathed, “I’ll take thirty.” she looked over to Red then who was standing by the doorway with an amused look on her face.

“You want a go?” she asked, gesturing to the squirming blonde on the table.

“Maybe later.” Red replied, “Shall I see Mr Pilkinson out?”

“Sure, sure.” Rowan waved the man away, “and send someone up to collect Emmy. She’ll want a bath and a bag of frozen peas.”

Red scooped up the nervous salesman and began to usher him out of the room.

“Oh Red?” Rowan called.

“Yes boss?”

“New girl in the VIP lounge, delicious young thing. She’s like a fish out of water.”

“I’ll bring her in.” Red replied rolling her eyes. “Should I prep the cleaners?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m just curious and besides… I already ate.”


Newo reached the top of the stairs, the room was as sprawling as the dance floor, but was set up with long rows of booths against the wall. With big half circles of seats and for half of them what should have been tables were round beds, that were in use. With people watching those using them. Some of the booths were blocked by thickley frosted glass so you could only see the writhing bodies behind it, and a very few were blacked out completely. Newo couldn’t even begin to imagine the depraved things going on behind those screens.

She also saw the ‘horse cop’ speaking to a man who had a woman on a leash wearing a mask like the horse only it was a dog, complete with floppy ears, she was also completely bottomless...but had a tail..that was clearly not a body mod. The two lead their ‘pets’ to a table the two masters took seats in the booth and the pets took the table as the glass went down. Clearly this was for their enjoyment.

Newo noticed that normal tables did exist, as well as a bar. She walked up to it “just a water please.” she said. Still somewhat slurred and her tongue felt like sandpaper in her mouth. Newo sat at a table where no one was and drank the water. It hadn’t fizzed or anything and she had to guess it wasn’t going to end like that last drink she had. But the water was gone before she even realized it.

Much to her own surprise this was better than the dance floor at least. She’d never ever ever go to a place like this. But honestly she had to give these people credit for being so free and happy in their debauchery.

Newo was trying to think of a plan. She’d have to get some sort of directions from someone. Her phone was gone, and her credit transfer device was gone. Rod had to have taken them. Newo was staring blankly into the middle distance, and not at anyone. When a woman with legs for days and hair redder than her own, approached Newo in heels bigger than Newo had ever seen and was clearly skilled at it given the sexy strut. She looked down on Newo with cold calculating eyes. Her painted red lips slowly took on a smile that did not touch those eyes as she spoke,

“Welcome to the Blue Rooms,” she said, “Rowan would like to meet you.” She held out her hand to help Newo out of the chair, Newo reached her hand out to take it to rise. She would have normally stood on her own but she felt like she might need the help getting up. “Had it only been half a day since the rave?” she thought. Taking the hand she rose to her feet. “Are they to boss of this place?” she asked, ready to follow the woman.

“Compliant, I like that.” Red smirked, “No I am not the boss, that would be Rowan.” she looked down at Newo with a raised eyebrow and laughed.

“Gods you don’t know who Rowan is do you? Did you fall down a rabbit hole or something Alice?”

She did not wait for Newo to answer as she pulled her along towards another set of stairs with a wide hallway and a set of locked double doors at the top.

“Come along Alice,” she chided when Newo paused to gape at the sight of three half dressed men in a nearby booth. They were handing around what looked like a giant yellow dildo linked to what looked like transparent rubber swimming caps that they all wore. Their eyes were rolling in shared ecstasy as they toyed with the device.

Red clicked her fingers as she approached the double doors and they opened inwards. She turned and motioned for Newo to enter.

“Welcome to wonderland.” she laughed as Newo entered the private rooms of Rowan Krieger and the doors closed silently being her.

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