Rave Racers Pt.2

“Well damn then, maybe not much talking in your case. But then again,” as he approached the group he picked out his two hanger-ons from before and saw the tell-tale signs of just enough Cosmic Rain that conversation might not be as interesting as just feeling it, “I don’t think there will be much need for talking in your case.” As he formally rejoined the group he attempted introduction, “Yo guess who’s back?!” He could barely make a smile before Dyna and Gielle were on him with a hug, nearly taking him off his feet. He pushed hard to get the two back to an upright stance, “So I take it you missed me?” He turned the pair to Mathias, and motioned with his head so the two turned their gazes, thankfully carefully indicated

“Well look whos turning into a regular Cassanova.” Mathias teased Ax who had a girl in each arm now. “I see it hasn’t been all work and no play with you.” He said with a playful grin.

He gave a laugh and leaned his head briefly to the side in an attempt to shrug, “Dyna and Gielle, this is Mathias, Matty this is Dyna and Gielle.” He motioned with a shoulder toward each one before silently mouthing toward Matthias ‘Racer groupies’ and then motioned toward the rest of the group, ‘all of them’ he finished with a grin.

Mathis nodded understanding. Glad to see some things didn’t change sadly those days where long behind him. To many responsibilities in his life to be mucking about in the fast and fun life of a racer. “Goodness it a proverbial flesh pit over here!” He snickered as a pair of scantily clad racer bunnies hopped by decked in there favorite racers colors. “Hello ladies? Know Axel long?” he said with a congenial smile.

“We actually all just met,” Axel added in, “but they asked for a party and I knew exactly where to send them along.” But he saw that his friend wasn’t interested. Where once he might have seen a certain fire in Mathias’ eyes he only saw cordiality. ‘Alright then’, he thought, ‘plan B’. He spun the two girls out and back amongst some friends. They clung to his hands though, so he was nearly again brought along with their combined weight. The confidence fell from his face as he almost again ate rave floor. He managed to barely catch himself this time. He brought the two hands close to himself, partly for balance and control, and partly to try and free himself as he brought both hands together in his best rave mystic imitation. The two seemed as mesmerized by the joining and parting hands as he had been when he was high on the Rain. He gave a wink to the pair and mouthed a ‘One second’ though the truth in that was heavily debatable, but for the moment it seemed to work. He turned back to Mathias and got close to his friend, speaking close to his ear, “So whatcha think? We staying here or whatever you want bud. If we’re staying here though I’m going to need some party favors for myself, race’s kinda coming down on me. But the ride’s just outside, still dinged up a bit, but it’s there.”

“I can set you up but I actually have only a few hours i can hang. I have a 9 to 5 you know. Adulting. Man gotta make the monies.” He sighed. “Don’t gimme that look! How else do you expect to get the stuff needed to make all those cool party favors.” He pointed out. “That and Lexi put me in the dog house at work …” He grumbled.

Axel pulled back from his shoulder and examined Mathias again, he knew his friend, and he knew when he needed a good friend to shake him out of things. He looked over to the racer bunnies, entertained a thought or two, but shook them from his head. He smacked Matthias on the back, “Alright then, come on you’re going to check out the car. That’s the second time I’ve heard about a Lexi thing and I feel like I’m the only one in this city who doesn’t know what the hell is going on with your sister.”

“No one knows what’s going on with my sister that’s what so scary!” Mathias snickered. “She shows and things happen and not good things … like showing up to my work place for drugs … or O-D-ing in the middle of the night during a rave.” He explained animated what he was saying with his arms. “And like a destructive force of nature ... POOF … she’s gone as if the whole thing was a hallucination except there is a trail of destruction left in her wake as proof of her existence.” Mathias said wide eyed. “That is what is going on with my sister.”

“Ohhh, so at least Lexi’s still doing well I guess.” Axel joked, moving away from the crowd. “But your job is going to be okay? I mean, if you need a side-gig my doors always open.” he offered, “I’m serious though locks are expensive man and I needed the mags for a repair on some scooter grips. It’s literally always open, don’t tell anyone.” His tone betrayed that this was all too real for Axel, but the party vibes at least kept his spirits up.

Mathias laughed. “If you're so hard up use a latch. At least then your door ain’t flopping around and it’s open when you want it to be.” He suggested with a grin. “Naw it’s fine, just gotta keep my nose clean for a bit till they forget about it. Then it’s back to business as usual. Luckily the damage wasn’t catastrophic. Not like the need for new mags … and your offering me the side gig?” He added with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey I’m just being nice, you got all this to manage,” he motioned to the rave, “and uhh, side gig implies I could pay you so I guess I’m just offering you a beer or something in exchange for helping me fix shit?” He shrugged, he certainly wouldn’t mind the extra hands.

“Sure I can help if … well … I could use an …” Mathais said beating around the bush. “ … emergency babysitter if your willing.” He said spilling the beans. “Cyd is busy with her raves I can't rely on Lexi, Mom works late and my regular is moving to the other side of the city to get married.”

Axel stopped in his steps as they reached the first layer out of the pit, “baby-...dude wait...babysitter?” he thought through at what point that Matthias could have actually popped out some kids without having Cyd or Lexi or anyone spill the beans to him. Finding nothing though, he decided it had to be a joke and laughed, although a touch nervously, “Haha, nice one man you actually had me there for a second.” As he continued to laugh he gave him a light shove, “You of all people found time to raise some kids? Yeah right…”

“More like adopted … long story but they were the youngest of a flea gang that hung around the warehouse I cook in.” Mathias explained. “You know the ones that were murdered? Yea the little trio were all that were left. I totally have proof too!”

“Shit wait you’re serious…” Axel assessed his friend’s serious face to see if he could find any cracks that he might just be in the long con, “that’s...that’s crazy man. I mean I’m there if you need me, you know I gotchu, but damn that is crazy…” Axel looked off for a moment. This was big certainly, and he wasn’t quite sure if it was a change he was ready for. But damn it if he was going to let his friend be left out to dry. He smiled back to Mathias, “So you adopt a few kids, no wonder you can’t talk to girls anymore. Come on, let me buy the new dad some kind of crap drink and show you the new engine mod I threw in. You’re gonna love it.”

“Yea to tired!” Mathias snorted. “Seems to be my thing but seriously how could I just leave ‘em to fend for themselves. I’m still working on telling Mom.”

“Hey she’d probably be fine with it I mean…” he motioned to himself, “she doesn’t seem to have a problem taking in strays off the street.”

“That’s the problem I'll be getting NON stop advice! She’ll be blowing up my phone making sure I am taking care of HER grandbabies! That i’m not bringing them over enough!” Mathis said with a groan. “I love my mom but she can be a little … smothery.” Mathias admitted with a smile. “I’ll get there … eventually. Let's see this smexy engine of yours! Probably the only action I'll be seeing for some time!” The redhead drug dealer joked.

They continued to climb out of the build site, getting to a spot where they could look over nearly the whole scene. Motioning back to the crowd, “Hey if you wanted action it was all right there, I think you’re just going soft with these kids.” Axel teased back. After a shorter walk they found their way back to Axel’s flyer. Axel ran a hand on the hood before turning back to Matthias, “So I heard from a little birdy that the old girl here got a test drive the other day.” He gave a grin, honestly at this point it didn’t matter which Skye sibling gave him the dent, it had served its purpose and was an easy fix, honestly he just wanted to get a definitive answer out of them.

“Ah … yes … wasn’t me I know how to drive. Like actually drive.” Mathias said dryly clearing his throat.

Axel rolled his eyes a bit, maybe he’d just drop it, he was sure at this point that both Cyd and Matty would prefer that. He popped open the hood to give Mathias a look inside to the engine. “Anyway...I added a few more bypasses to it. Kicked up the power redundancy loop to try and save some watts on my rev annnnd” Axel paused and looked over the engine as if double checking something, “I finally pulled off that ancient wall plug that we couldn’t workoff.” He gave one more cautionary glance as if it might appear again.

Mathias laughed shaking his head. “Oh heeeeyyyy are those the new hydro batteries?” He whistled impressed.

Axel gave a smug look back, partly reliving the memory as he told it, “Oh yeah that…” he rolled his tongue along the bottom of his mouth, “so maybe some engine work went a bit sideways and I figured a certain unnamed crap drivers wouldn’t even need that juice to fuck up every corkscrew dive. I can’t say for certain though.” He gave a playful shrug to Mathias.

“Waste not want not! Judge free zone man.” Mathias said with an approving nod. Right because the guy slinging drugs was going to judge another slum rat for picking up batteries that fell off the truck. Yea. Mathis never claimed to be the pinnacle of morality here. Man had a 9 to 5 and was still scraping by supporting the family and three kids.

Giving the hood a quick slam closed, Axel pulled out his keys. “So you’ve seen what’s under the hood, wadya say to giving it a spin? Think you can handle her properly this time? A few more scrapes shouldn’t be too much work.” He threw the keys toward Mathias, “I get it if you’re too worried about going over the speed limit though, now that you’re all daddy daycare. You know I can probably scrap your ride off and help you buy a fam-wagon. Nice and slow, no fun at all to drive, probably already smells of vomit and shit, perfect for you.”

“Remember those amazing party drugs you planned on having … ever again?” Mathias said with a click of his tongue. “You sure you want the like me be driving … you might fall asleep with how safe I play it.” He said innocently. The redhead planned for no such thing.

“Woah now..let’s not act hasty here.” Axel raised both hands, “Let’s not forget who played lab rat for you when you were just starting out…” He visibly seemed to remember the event in more accurate detail, “alright that was mostly Cyd,” he conceded, “but who took it after her huh? And don’t worry about me, I’d just worry about trying to stay awake yourself Mr. 9-to-5” he added in a playfully aggressive tone.

“We'll see about that … now put your seatbelt on while I put my teeth in.” Mattie joked sliding into the drivers seat. It had been too long since his last joyride. “You won’t catch this old man granny shifting.” He teased as the car roared to life like some angry large cat. Axel couldn’t help but laugh now as he buckled in, though only with a single belt on his end. The flyer slowly rose out from the space and for a moment Axel looked back to the party below. Sure the glitz, glamor, and the girls were all good fun but as they say, Saturdays are for the boys.

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