Business is Business

Cyd sat on the scaffolding, nodding her head to the beat from her headphones, visualizing the crowd still being below. It was a rush, nearly as good as the red devils, or maybe it WAS the red devil she took, as promised, not until the rave ended. Of course, if she was playing a set, she sure as shit wouldn’t be sitting on her ass, that was no way to get anyone pumped, but it was a long rave, she’d been in two fights, a mosh pit, and she’d be feeling it come morning. For tonight? She lay back on the scaffolding and stared up at the sky, letting herself get lost in the party drug. Feeling the scaffolding rumble, she pushed her headphones off one ear and sat back up as two racers roared past the abandoned site. Neither stopped or slowed down, and it’s not like she expected or even hoped it was anyone in particular, she reminded herself.

Settling back down, letting the Red Devils do their thing. Hendrix washed away. The image of him floated off like a balloon, higher and higher into the night sky. Mr. Chuckles followed, and it elicited a laugh as she let her head loll back and forth. Then Speed. Speeeeed, he left her in a bad way earlier and with the addition of a red devil, that thirst came back fierce. But as much as she was in the mood to cash in her rain check, the garage was cross town, and the scaffolding was right there, and above all she was content to lie there and let her brain just settle down. She twirled her fingers around the image until like smoke it disappeared.

Rolling over onto her stomach, she leaned her head over the side to let the blood rush to it, adding to her giddiness. A figure loomed below. “CrissCross Applesauce!” She called down to CrissCross, sliding her headphones down to her neck.

“Yo, Digi Cat! I thought you left!” He called back.

“It’s DJ Digi Kitty, bitch.” She slurred with a giggle,eyeing him up and down. “Why don’t you come on up and I’ll explain you the difference.”

“I’m all ears.” He said without hesitation climbing the scaffolding. She partied with him before, nothing to brag on or write home about, especially one on one, but the red devil would more than make up for any shortcomings.

“Ain’t your ears that I’m interested in.” She replied, carefully sliding out of Mathias’ jacket and putting it aside for safe keeping.

“You rollin?” He asked after she crooked her finger and crawled under him.

“Why? You gonna narc?” she teased.

“I’m in the mood to roll, whatcha got?”

“Devils, Rains, no Nitro left,” she shrugged.

“Devils, I’ll do ya hard,”

“Counting on it. Two clicks for the pharma.”

“What? C’mon,” he coaxed. “Comp me one.”

“No can. This is Mathias’ Business.” she explained, snaking her leg around his. “You want pharma? Two clicks, otherwise you can explain to my brother why you think you deserve a comp.”

“Anything I can do to convince you otherwise?” He asked, helping her slip out of her shirt. His voice clearly indicated he thought he was better at doing what he was currently doing.

“No, I think I outlined it pretty well - You wanna roll, two clicks a devil. You wanna scrunch? Then stop talking and scrunch because you’re ruining my high.”

“Digi Bitch.” He groused, coughing up the two clicks. Cyd handed over the red capsule.

“DJ Digi-Bitch.” She growled as she unzipped his leathers. “Lemme explain you the difference.”

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