A New Plan

Lawrence glared at his maps, each a punch to his ego when he saw the dismal corner of his territory.
After visiting the rave last night, he had gotten home and quickly shot up to ease the rage building inside of him. Couldn’t that flashy bitch tell he was sincere in seeking out Mathias? Hell, he didn’t even have to show up at all, he could have kept sending runners!
Taking out the vial once more, his anger took hold once more and he sent his metal chair crashing to the other side of his room. This damnable concoction shouldn’t have been this much trouble, just a few test runs here and there then some trial and error to reverse engineer it for “legal” sale.
Nothing. Nothing but error and yet more of the shit sprang up like clockwork. He idly thought of kidnapping the runners, but deep down he knew he couldn’t put any more stains on his reputation.
If it wasn’t for the addiction, most of his clients would have told him to screw off by now.
The only good thing in this mess was that he had a new place of business, kind of. He would definitely send his runners to the raves if they remained open to him.
As he slumped on his now standing chair, a cook nervously knocked.
A woman peeked in, her features gaunt from years of drugs and lord knew what else.
“Boss, Hendrix is waitin to see ya.”
A nod and a wave of the hand allowed the cook to resume her business.
Now it was time to implement another plan.

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