Ballroom Blitz(ball) Part I

Romeo was giving a bit of last-minute advice to X-Ray, and Piper slid her arm around Quetzal’s waist. “He’ll be back before you know it, Q.” The Neo promised. “Just know in the beginning, the bond can be a little -- “ She looked over her shoulder at Romeo as X-Ray was carted off towards the Kennel, “intense,” she finished with a smile. “First week, Romey swept hallways with military precision, I think we were never more than 2 feet apart at any time and… well, you heard about the Pictionary incident.”

Everyone knows the Pictionary incident. Quetzal laughed. “I just hope we made the right choice.”

“He’s going to the kennel … he thinks it the right choice and if you trust him, trust it’s the right choice for you too. You will never know any loyalty greater than that of an Alpha to their bond.” Romo said oh so proudly. “I was NOT that bad!” Romeo said attempting to save his dignity.

“He cut my food into tiny pieces.”

“Have you not seen yourself with a knife?!” Romeo interjected

“Like a massacre waiting to happen?" She giggled, remembering his teasing. “It shows the lengths they'll go to for you. And he’s right. You have no idea what loyalty is like, to have someone who’d fall on a hundred swords for you. To not be afraid of anything, because you know come hell or red water, that you have the biggest, baddest warrior ready to rain fire for you." She glanced admiringly at her Romeo, then back to Q. "Well, in your case, it won’t be the biggest or baddest because I have the biggest and baddest, MY Alpha, but I know Dash would do the same for you. You’re his Neo now. He's your Alpha. Nothing is stronger than the bond. You’ll see. You sure you won’t reconsider the tattoo? Least you can do, seeing as everything X-ray will do for you.”

“I’ll think about it.” Q replied with uncertainty.

“Give it a month and he’ll come running for one.” Romeo jibbed. All Neo’s had their habits. Things that they did to show their loyalty to their Alphas. “Let ‘em figure it out.” It was honestly an exciting time to have a newly bonded pair in the Spire. With all the loss some celebration was what the place really needed.

“So, what do I do until he gets back?”Quetzal looked positively lost.

Piper thought for a moment, remembering it as the longest five days ever until Romeo returned. “You could move your stuff into your new rooms - just know your Alpha is going to take the side closest to the door, so make sure you give him that unless you want to move your stuff twice. Today is covered, you’ll get to sit with the bonded for the Blitzball game - it’ll be your first year rooting for the vets! Trust me, they’re gonna win. And if you want, you can tag along training with Romeo and me this week. Just know - he doesn’t go easy just because you’re a Neo.”

“Better get used to it. All us Alphas work our Neo into tip-top shape. Why do you think only Alpha do all the competition? Because if it were Neo’s, fights would break out in the stands.” Romeo said with a smirk. “I mean try any team based game and split an Alpha from his Neo. Won’t end well that's what!”

“They’re a bit possessive,” Piper snickered. “But it’ll be good to get some training under your belt. Everything you do from this point on reflects on your Alpha."

“No Pressure.” Romeo joked with a snicker. “Speaking of pressure I should head to the locker room to get ready.

“Big game today, Four-Fifty Seven,” Piper replied with more than a hint of pride in her voice. “That’s my Alpha. Show them pups up!"

Romeo smiled waving before walking off to the alphas locker room.

JP - Winters & Blitzen

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