Blitzballl- Part 3

Q was … distracted. Dash should be on the field. He hadn’t been gone that long and Q was shocked how quick the feeling of melancholy was setting in. She hadn’t realized how normal it had been to have Dash around. Always there with a smile. Q sighed leading heavily on the arm of her chair.

“Someone has the Alpha blues.” Maggie whispered to Piper.

“I know.” Piper said back in a lower tone. “Seemed like such an eternity til my Romeo came back to me.” In a louder voice to Sy, she explained. “Quetzal and Dash are being bonded. So her Alpha’s off world at the Kennels right now, but when he comes back?” She smiled and patted Q’s arm. “They’re paired. It’s a long five day process, we’re all really excited for ‘em.” Alphas are very competitive, Maggs, you get used to it. Just relax and enjoy the game. Maybe one of them will impress you. Last year they were still in boot. You’ll find yourself drawn to one or the other soon enough, or vice versa. I’ll have Romeo talk to them. -- After he kicks their asses today. I KNOW Pyria, but whispering is so rude too! And Mags is torn up enough as it is!

“Eesh,” Sy smirked with a roll of her eyes. “Y’all really do live in such a different world from me. I couldn’ imagine bein’ so tied to someone. Don’ get me wrong,” she added hastily, seeing a darkening of some of the looks around her including Magpie, “I think it’s awesome! Y’all got these unbreakable sorta bonds, an’ I spent most o’my days feelin’ pretty lonely out there. Same time though, I ain’ used ta bein’ dependent on anyone. Been on my own fo’ like, a decade, and it’s a weird idea to be leanin’ on someone else, or have ‘em lean on you. Most cooperation out there’s mo’ like a business transaction, ya dig? Scratch my back, I scratch yours, an’ part ways again. The kinda bonds you formin’ on the other hand… Makes you stronger together, but hurts when y’apart.” She looked at Quetzal with a look of longing and pity. “Guess I do know how that feels though. At leas’ this Dash guy gon’ come back soon.” She lapsed into silence, staring off into the distance. Piper didn’t need the hive mind to know Sy’s thoughts were returning to her father again. But before she could say anything, a roar arose from the bleachers as the Alphas took to the field.

Dependent? Wren asked, exchanging glances with Piper.

Piper shook her head. She doesn’t understand, maybe outsiders can’t grasp the concept. It was probably intended as harmless.

[I]I doubt any of the Alphas would see it that way.[/i] Maggie said in Neo speak resisting the urge to roll her eyes. Outsiders. How could Sy even begin to understand. Making it down like ownership? Wasn’t Blue proof enough? How much an Alpha sacrificed for their Neo? How was that dependent? Maggie briefly entertained correcting Sy but a sharp look from Piper shut Maggie up.

I think the Alphas would compare it to assholes on elbows. Piper reminded her. That’s what Romey says anytime someone says something incorrect about the Alphas or the bond.

Outsiders don’t get it. Wren added. You were polite when she told you about missing her dad, even though *we* don’t get it. Only one or two parents? No wonder outsiders are messed up. Piper had to agree that the concept of ‘parents’ was foreign to her also. The ones she encountered were always so selfish. They cry and carry on when a baby is removed from a home, they don’t ever think about what the baby gains from a life in the Spire.

I can’t imagine it, growing up without anyone to connect to. How could a parent even understand the isolation they would put a little Neo like that through? If they really loved their baby they would bring them to the Spire themselves. Maggie huffed.

The only thing Outsiders care about - when they remember to - is the destruction a Neo can cause. Wren added. Not how much they’re hurting the Neo. Has Desiree cried since she’s been here? No. Not once. We know what she needs before she has the chance to need it.

That little girl has an entire Spire looking after her. How can just two donors compare to that. She always know without question that is loved and safe. Maggie said shaking her head. It really blew her mind. Yet Neo’s and Alphas alike were looked upon as ‘prisoners’ and ‘baby thieves’. God forbid though one slipped through! All the blame none of the credit. Alpha’s doubly so. It may have been a fact of life but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

We don’t get outsiders, they don’t get us. Only difference is we at least try to understand them. Piper relented.

Preach sister.

The entire Neo conversation took place in less than a blink of an eye, and thoughts once again laser focused on the game.

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