Blitzball Part 4 - HALFTIME

The Alphas, par for the course wore nothing in terms of safety gear. If anyone asked only the weak needed safety gear … or parachutes. Both sides of the teams where full of energy thought, Romeo waved to his Neo when they took to the field. “Four-Five-Seven!” She called back.

The Vets were almost as aggro as the unbonded pups, punches were being traded, there was plenty of trash talking and teeth gnashing and the game hadn’t even yet started. Piper’s eyes were drawn to Romeo's Jersey, as much or even more so than six years ago. How she stood by the rails when he was on the field, as he gave her a wry smile. How he pointed in her direction after scoring a goal and how she just knew that he was her Alpha. Q side glanced to Mags and made a mock throw up gesture and Piper giggled. Five more days? Quetz would get it. She'd understand.

Pups and Vets squared off at even at a distance once could see the trash talking already starting. When the whistle blew signifying the start of the game the two side crashed together. To anyone else it was bone chattering wince induce full contact event. The playered moved fast and while the vet worked in tight formations and snapped passes quickly. The pups where full of raw young energy with a chip on there shoulder. Dr. Cody stood ready on the field, should any Alpha get carried away with aggression, which had been known to happen in previous years.

The crowd near felt it when Lima collided with Yankee mid-air, Piper knew Wren was cringing, but the Alphas literally walked it off. And the block made it possible for Fox to get a shot off from the midline, easily sailing into the goal.

“That’s extra points.” Piper explained to Sy, pointing to the field. “Because the kick was from behind the midline. Good shot Foxtrot!” She glanced over at Dove who was beaming with pride. The pups were quick to retrieve the ball though, and fueled by wounded pride, they scored their own point.

Maggie jumped up and cheered when the Pups scored. “Yea! That’s how it’s done!”

Roach and Trag tried to square off with Romeo. “You’re going DOWN Frosty! And while you’re down there, you can suck my dic--” Romeo collided with the two pups, and Tragedy groaned as he hit the ground. The elder Alpha was out to WIN not prove his chops! In came Fox to taking the pass while Romeo played blocker. The Pups were trailing but point wise where hanging on by a thread.

This served to show the fundamental difference between a Pup and Bonded Alpha and why the bond was so important. A pups aggression could go anywhere they tended to be ruled by their emotions giving the lack of focus. A properly bonded alpha though? They could work something together giving they had a purpose. Their bond in the stands. It gave them someone and something to put all that energy towards even in a game of Blitzball. Alphas played to win in a way prove their capability to there bonded Neo just as much as the Pups showed off to attract a potential Neo.

In all honesty an Alphas game of blitzball didn’t hold a candle to the official game on tv. Soon enough the horn blared for half time and sweaty rowdy alphas padded off to the locker room.

Like Piper bragged, the Vets were ahead of the pups, who played fiercely but they didn’t have the discipline or the strategy of the bonded who were used to working with someone as a team. While the pups were about grandstanding and garnering attention, the bonded knew the true value of teamwork. Piper did squeeze Maggie’s hand encouragingly though - the poor girl was definitely torn. “Don’t stress.” She reminded her. “Just put it out of your head, enjoy the second half of the game. I hear they’re doing a tribute to Zulu after halftime, that should make Blue happy. As for the game itself? I can’t wait to see what happens!”

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