Attack on the Spire: Part I

After the half time break, there was a short dedication to Zulu. The Alphas, even as amped up as they were for the battle observed more than a moment of silence. All the Neos formed a chain, their thoughts were with Blue to give her strength and comfort, the bonded fully understanding. When the Vet’s retook the field, they came out leaving an open spot for Zulu in the line. Piper couldn’t help but think back to the vision she had when they were out of the Spire, chasing Zulu, she still wasn’t able to make any sense out of it, but that was how visions were sometimes.

She tilted her head and frowned. "Blue’s going back to her room." She stated with sadness in her voice.The game was just a painful reminder to the Neo of what she lost. Zu should be in the fray, there’s a reason they called ‘em Mountain.

The whistle for the second half blew, but at the same time the vets started charging, an alarm in the Spire started clanging. Like everything in the Spire it was low tech, the ringing of bells signifying a fire. Piper’s eyes went directly to 457’s jersey, but before anyone could even move a muscle, the sprinkler system kicked in, raining water down throughout the Spire. “The hell?” Piper asked, shielding her eyes from the water, the consensus being the same with the Neo. Sy yelped and cringed down in her wheelchair, with nothing to shield herself from the downpour.

The game came to a grinding halt and everyone looked around stunned. A fire? In the Spire?

We’re going to evacuate in a calm, orderly fashion Pyria prompted. What followed was decidedly NOT calm or orderly.

Piper stood up against the rail to the field. It’d be up to the pairs to make sure everyone evacuated, and if anything were to happen -- she scanned the field for her Alpha. “Romeo!”

“Piper … wait.” Magg said wobbling. “I … don’t …” the girl said glassy eyed sliding to the floor.

Q got up to help but was suddenly dizzy and fell back to her seat. Sy had gone slack too, lolling over the armrest of her seat.

Romeo sprinted to meet his Neo leading the pack of Alphas. The pups quickly caught on trailing their elders when they also started dropping like flies.

Everything became distorted and hazy as the water continued to shower down. Piper's tongue felt thick and heavy as did every muscle in her body. She stretched an arm towards her Alpha. The stadium started spinning and grew dark. “Rom--” the ground rushed up to meet her and everything went black.

Soon enough the entire arena, the Spire in fact had everyone - Neo and Alpha alike asleep in a mass of boneless heaps.

The ground was cold, wet and unforgiving, yet strangely inviting to the alpha at the same time. Time had passed, but how much? His eyes almost begged to stay closed, even with the loud ~BANG~ in the background. Thunder? It had to be thunder. ~BANG~ Slowly the Alpha’s eyes opened, the arena coming back into focus as if it was being looked at through fogged glass. Gunshots! His eyes swung towards the stands, what was unfolding instantly sobering and enraging him. Adrenaline shot through his body as instinct, bonding and training took over, fixating the Alpha on one objective.

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