Spire Attack - Part II

“C’mon Piper, open your eyes” The voice that pleaded was far away, distant but unmistakable, heard through the clamoring of a crowded room. Hair was brushed off her face but she was too exhausted to squeeze the hand which held tightly to hers.

Piper, hey, I hear you. “She’s okay.” Wren assured the Alpha who was protectively clutching his Neo.

Wren? In the background Piper heard gentle buzzing, the sound of sleep, with a smattering of Neo speak.

Romeo’s worried so open your eyes, but don’t freak out.

The best way to ensure that someone freaks out is to tell them NOT to freak out. What's going on? Waking up was easier said than done. Her lids were heavy, her brain was a mass of soggy cotton socks, but she willed her eyes to open so she wouldn't upset Romeo

“Wha happen…” wearily opening one eye, a fuzzy Romeo began taking shape. Piper gasped loudly and sat up. Her Alpha looked straight from the set of a horror movie! Near head to toe he was covered in blood - red blood, not his own blue blood which was the only thing keeping the Neo from, as Wren said, completely freaking out. “Romeo!” She quickly glanced herself over to make sure it was not her own he was covered in.

Romeo looked as relieved as he could given his current state. Blood stained his face, his teeth, his uniform, his hair, but his copper eyes were full of concern and solace that his Neo was all right.

“What-- happened?” She repeated, pulling her Alpha into a needed embrace. She didn’t mind the blood and gore, the sticky warmth that clung to him, what she craved was his reassurance.

“We’re not sure who,” he replied, staining her platinum hair with his hand. “But it was an intentional attack on the Spire. As far as we can figure, some sort of chemical in the water knocked everyone cold. When I came to there were gunshots and Neo being carried off, and one of them had you.”

Piper released him and let him help pull her to her feet. She focused on the macabre scene around her. There were bits and pieces of someone she assumed was human, and imagined what happened to them when Romeo caught sight of her in danger. You don't fuck with an Alpha. “I know Wren’s okay, what about -- the others?”

“Fox is with Dove, the bonded are together.” He paused for a moment, casting his eyes downward.

“What?” Piper asked.

“Some Neo are missing, including Blue, and…” He paused again.

Piper’s heart caught in her throat until she saw Maggie being tended to by Roach and Tragedy, and Pyria assisting Sy. “Quetzal…” She said softly.

“Some of the pups went after her, but they had too much of a head start at that point. Loaded them up to who knows where.”

“Dash!” Piper cried, shooting worried eyes towards her Alpha

“Poor bastard, I don’t know what to even tell him when he gets back. “

“Can’t they stop it? Just… just in case?”

Romeo’s response came as a grim head shake. “Luckily, the pups got the son of a bitch trying to take Magpie.”


"She'll come to. Pyria's with her."

“Final count is definitely seven missing, Sir.” Tragedy loped up to report. He held a hand over an open wound on his left bicep. Blue blood oozed between his fingers. “Six shot dead, all curators except --”

“Dr. Cody.” Piper whispered, making eye contact across the field with Pyria. The den mother nodded sadly. Tears of anger burned the Neo’s eyelids. “They came into our house? Took our friends? Shot our mentors? Who? Why?”

“How.” Romeo replied just as angrily. “That’s what we work on first, because this will NOT happen again.”

It was Pyria who later decided it would be best for Sy to finish her recovery in She Ying, at least until they had answers at the Spire. Until then? The building would be on both high alert and lockdown.

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