Newo in Wonderland pt.2

Newo stood unsure what to do as she felt the doors closed behind her. She was now at the mercy of whatever this Rowan person wanted. Newo wasn’t sure what was worse at this point, the unknown or the cop.

“Sorry about Red, she has a flare for the dramatic.” purred a voice from the other side of the room. “As do I.”

Newo looked over to see a long legged woman with neon pink hair and shimmering tattoos covering her exposed flesh. She wore a silver sequined dress that left little to the imagination and was draped over a low lounge chair sipping on something blue and frothy.

“Please take a seat.” Rowan gestured towards an empty chair close by. “Relax.” she gave a toothy grin that did very little to relax the girl.

Newo made an exhausting attempt to smile back. Despite being out long she didn’t know but even with it mixed with the night before she was so tired. “Thank you.” she said manners still coming through. Best they did in this situation she thought.

Newo smoothed out the bottom of her dress as she sat down. Trying to keep as much fabric between herself and the sofa as she could. “D-...Did I do something wrong?” seeing as how Rowan was the boss it only seemed natural that the reason she was here was something was wrong...maybe she shouldn’t have a VIP tag or be here at all. Not that it was her choice anyway.

“Wrong?” Rowan looked amused for a moment and then seeing Newo’s distress she waved the question away, “No, no. Nothing like that. I was watching you up there.” Rowan indicated the numerous screens that adorned the walls around the office.

“I like to keep an eye on the place, see who comes and goes and well if someone catches my eye,” she tapped her cheek beneath her right eye and pointed at Newo, “Well then Red brings them up for”

Newo’s head slumped a bit. “Her too…” she thought “I really should change my look…”

Rowan leaned forward with interest, “You just strike me as a fish out of water and I am just dying to know what brings you here to swim in my big dirty pond. You are no Hiver that is for sure and you don't have the stink of what’s your story?”

“In general or over all.” she said with a sigh. “Because if you mean in this moment or the last like 25 hours because about 12 of those are missing and don’t have the only other person who’d know with me.” she began to explain. “I’ve honestly got little to lose telling you my story at this point but you’re going to need to ask questions so I can skip the boring parts.”

“Well colour me intrigued.” Laughed Rowan as she poured herself a fresh drink and then one for Newo, “She speaks in riddles.”

She handed Newo the glass and motioned for her to drink, “So how about we begin with your name and how you ended up the odd one out in my little world of fun out there?”

Newo idly swirled her wrist making the drink move in the glass. Something she’d seen Dukes do. “Newo Chapel.” she said, “As for the how...some scumbag dropped me off here to teach me a lesson I guess. A lesson to say yes when given the option.” she took a sip and tried to hide the alcohol burn she was experiencing. “Don’t remember too much. I remember last night. At least I think it’s only been a night, and I remember going to meet him, then I woke up being pulled out of the car and thrown to two big guys at the door, who laughed and threw me in here. Guess they stamped my hand at some point because I was told I’m VIP, and here we are. Me a stranger in a strange land, and god knows how far from the one person who I know could help me.”

“And who is the scum bag that delivered you to me?” Rowan leaned in with interest.

“Man with the name Rodriguez.” She said, “Really snake-like look in his eyes.”

Rowan leaned back in her seat with a broad smile, “Rodriguez huh? Yes we do some business with him from time to time, low down OSEC scum that he is. I imagine he had some rich OCON director lined up for you in the heights, made to order so to speak. So tell me Newo what’s so special about you that you would make a rich perves shopping list and get our bent copper so riled up when you refused?” Rowan watched her like a hawk, curious as to what she might reveal and certain that she had something to hide.

Newo gave a noticeable shrug. “Maybe he has a thing for skinny nerdy transitioning virgins.” she said. “Well he checked three out of four boxes on that.” she said. “As for the telling him to get bent part. With all due respect I am not a girl who sleeps with just anyone. For me it’s more special.” Newo said watching the woman. “But no I don’t really understand why he thinks I am special. He’s had something weird out for me ever since that train crash top side.”

Something in what Newo said caused a flicker of anger to pass through Rowans features thought she quickly smothered it. She seemed to be pondering something and with a quick tap on a pannel to the side of her seat she activated a comm device on the nearby table.

“You rang?” came Reds voice almost immediately.

“I did,” purred Rowan, “Tell me.. Officer Rodriguez OSEC central. Is he one of ours?”

“On occasion.” came the reply.

“Would we miss him?”

“Momentarily,” Red answered with a tone that implied a question.

“Thats all for now.” Rowan replied and then she gave Newo a toothy grin. “Let’s have some fun shall we?”

Rowan stood and walked over to the large glass window that overlooked the main dance floor. She indicated for Newo to follow. The woman stood there arms behind her back observing the cavorting crowd.

“When I was a little boy,” she said quietly and with a meaningful look to Newo, “I had nothing and nobody. The only way to survive was to become property and so that is what I became. Others sold my body and became rich from my shame, until the shame went away… you were right to say no to the OSEC officer, to willingly become what many are forced into by birth would have been a betrayal.” she laughed and shook her head.

Neow’s eyes momentarily scanned Rowan “Boy?” she half mumbled, but she caught the rest of what the woman was saying. “Um...I…” Newo stammered trying to come up with a response.

“Oh I do not say this from a moral high ground, I sell flesh and depravity and have become rich and powerful by doing so. Those who sell themselves deserve their fate and those who are born into it can rise if their spirit is strong. I am living proof of that.”

“I don’t know if I agree with all of that but...I didn’t live it so it’s not worth too much me saying so.” Newo said unsure if it made any sense

Rowan frowned and then ignoring the words of the girl she brightened, “Now I mentioned fun did I not and here I am sharing my innermost feelings like we are old friends.”

She grabbed Newo’s hand then none too gently and dragged her towards an elevator on the far wall.

“Tell me Newo have you ever heard of the flesh pits?”

Newo blinked trying to think. “Du…” she paused. For whatever reason he was known by people the two of them had never even meet so Newo backtracked and used his real name. “My friend Miles mentioned it once I think. Said something about the drugs there flow like water from the tap and are twice as strong as the stuff topside.”

“Oh it’s more than that my petal, much much more.”

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