Player Update

Life has slowed down on Machine God of late. I have been distracted with work and other projects and think we are all trying to find a pace and direction for the game that we can work with. I know for sure that my Cyberpunk muse has had a minor case of writers block of late which I am pretty sure I am over.

Anyway, I figured it was a good time for a player update to talk about where we are all at and to leave the post open on OOC so we can discus ideas for the direction of the game world etc. So... where we at?

Newo and Rowan : Rowan has plucked Newo out of the crowd in the Blue Rooms and is currently taking her under wing, starting with a tour of the flesh pits. Lucky Newo.

Lucia Trandilli and Sy : Sy is now in the care of Shi Ying Holdings as they work to help her with her tech problem while at the same time she helps them with their research. Looking forward to seeing what plans GT has in store for these two.

Romeo, Piper and Toxx : The Spire has been attacked and several Neo's taken. They are now on lock down and we await the inevitable reaction from the Neo's and Alphas as they seek to recover their own. What was the reason for the attack and what secrets will it unearth.

Agent Nikon: Continues her covert operations for Veritas Corp

Sirius : Remains in hiding following the incident with the Chosen and the taking of Sy

Laurie : Somewhere, up there, is a woman called Laurie. We wonder what she is up to...

Chuckles, Mathias, Axel, Cyd, Lexi : From raves to racing this crew is living the night life of Downtown Oracle. The power and politics of the Spire and OCON seem a world away, but in reality they are all a hairs breath from being enveloped in the pending chaos that threatens the city.

Sam Bridger : Sam just takes it all one day at a time watching the drama drift by and occasionally ending up knee deep in the shit. He is a life lesson in choosing ones friend carefully. His lover is an awakened AR companion with links to the darkest parts of the grid and his best friend and employee Boris is an unregistered Borka Neophyte and exiled member of a wasteland cult. What could go wrong.

Logos : TBC

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