The Secrets that you Keep (Part 1)

“For fuck’s sake, Mathias, if you’re starting adoption procedures, you should bring them. Mom and Dad are gonna have to find out, and you know how bad Mom wants grandkids.” She could understand his hesitation though. Lexi moved out and in with her sugar daddy “for good” this time she told them, flaunting the ring on her finger. Cyd swore she could hear her mom’s heart break about the fact that there was no wedding, or at least, no wedding she was invited to. It was almost as if Lexi vanished or never existed at all.

But with Lex gone, they were ‘free’ so to speak. Not free from She Ying, but free at least from the drama, from the constant drain of funding. The last thing her brother would want to do was saddle them back down in any way. “Bring them or just spill the beans. Either way, they’ll be thrilled with you. I’ll see you at ten, Daddy Matty.”

With Mathias and his sidekicks in her old apartment, Cyd could have taken Lexi’s old ‘room’ in the closet. But -- and a fine one at that - she thought, checking out Axel from across the room, she knew a good thing when she saw one. Staying with Speed had other benefits, besides the ‘benefits’. She was helping him with the bills and he’d been needing it since he’d lost the extra clicks for the Citizen shit he was contracted to for racing for one. For another, she’d never say it outloud and he’d never admit it, but that wasn’t the only reason the Skye sibling stuck around. The garage was familiar and he didn’t nag her about a ‘real’ job as if running raves wasn’t work. It was a stepping stone to being a headliner, and just because it wasn’t 9-5 like Mathias, didn’t make it any less a job.

“You are coming today for breakfast right?” Cyd asked from the air mattress. “My mom must have asked four times this morning when I talked to her. She’s making Skye pancakes.”

“Wouldn’t miss it!” Axel said, wiping a bit of grease off his hands with an old rag.

“We could just go at the same time. No one would be suspici…” From the look on Speed’s face, she knew he wouldn’t want to chance it. “Or we could meet up there. Ten- don’t you abandon me, Math might finally tell them about his tiny freeloaders, and my mom wants t’see you again.“ She slid her feet into her high tops, and with one last knowing smile to Axel, put the cat headphones back up over her ears before heading out.

The raver hung around the front of the apartment building until her brother showed, right on time, no little ducklings in tow. There was no way she was going in solo and taking the heat.

“Seriously? Denying them pancakes? Tsk, tsk.” Cyd said with a shake of her head.

“I made them waffles … and this isn’t about them this is about me! I’ll tell them … soon … when I am ready!” Mathias said clearly having had chickened out. “Besides once I do the great reveal you know mom is going to inspect the apartment … harp about how I need to visit more …” Mathias said waving a hand as he listed the actions his mother would take to spend as much time with her soon to be grandchildren and that Mathias was being a good Dad.

“She’d make a great babysitter. And it’d give us both a chance to slip a few more clicks into the apartment, you know, making sure there’s food when the kids visit that ain’t protein paste, but I’ll back your play, you know I got you.” Cyd replied, watching her shoes switch colors on each step up. “And speaking of getting you,” she held her wrist to his. “Sold out of cosmic rains again last night. People dig on seeing the music. I got the jacket in my backpack, give it to you before you leave. Mom, Dad, hey!” She called, opening the door.

They Sky house smelled like a well lived-in home, the smell of synthetic eggs, pancakes, and pork flavored protein paste baked and fried crispy is was passed for what one might call bacon.

Smelled like heaven. “Mom, wow, someone pulled out all the stops!” Mathias said doing his best not to drool. Mom’s cooking tended to do that.

“Mathias! Cyd!” She cried excitedly, wiping her hands on her apron and double hugging the twins, the kids who didn’t drop her the minute they found something better. Damn right she pulled out all the stops. “Where’s Axel?”

“Oh was Axel finally cleaning off that layer of grease to get some real food now?” Mathis whistled preparing to throw the poor boy under the bus.

“I talked to him this morning. On the phone.” Cyd clarified. “He had a couple of rush jobs to finish up, but you know Speed. He never turns down pancakes. No promises about the grease.” Mrs. Skye smiled proudly.

“Just like Mathias, he knows the value of hard work, honest work.” She added quickly. Cyd did her best not to roll her eyes. The be-more-like-your-brother speech. Instantly gets under her skin each and every time. Except this time. This time, it seemed she was off the hook.

“Speaking of the value of hard work, Mrs. Stockel in the lab says you’ve been clocking out exactly at 5 on the dot, that you have somewhere to be after? Even turned down overtime once, that’s not like you Matty. Second job, or special lady? You can’t keep secrets from me young man.”

Mathias was mid drink when this was brought up as he choked, coughed and sputtered.

“Yeah, young man.” Cyd chimed in with an impish grin, knowing full well that either meant getting home to the little ones, or getting to the warehouse to cook up some party favors. “What kind of secrets would you be keeping?”

“How did you even know that?! When did you start taking up corporate espionage!” Mathias accused his mother.

Just another typical Sunday morning at the Skye House!

(Joint post with Winters/ Blitzen)

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