OOC - MG Roll Call

Frankie and I have been talking over the slump in game and working out a way forward. We never really recovered having two quite disruptive players early on in the game which used up way too much of our time and energy which would have been better spent plotting and moderating the game. The other issue we hit was the game world is huge and we are all trying to forge stories in small pockets of it making the meta story a distant thing which is hard to relate to. We need to bring the players together somehow...

We all clearly love the genre, the world we have created has some fantastic features which would be terrible to waste and we have some amazing characters that need to have their stories told. So we have a few options :

1. We work out a plan to bring the players together from where they are and do so over a number of posts
2. We fast forward a set amount of time with the players joined by an event and tell what happened from now till then as backstory
3. We reset. Start again but this time with the same or new characters involved in a joining event that will drive them through a common plot
4. We reboot. We create a new Cyberpunk game where we can introduce versions of the characters and ideas from existing MG and embark on a whole new project
5. We walk away and move on to the next thing what ever that may be.

What ever we choose it needs to deliver a story that brings the characters together in a common arc without getting lost in the vastness of the game world.

Let me know what you think? I will leave this up for a week and then the Mods will proceed accordingly.


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