Welcome to Sojo


Rowan stood before the myriad view screens and watched the flood of refugees travelling down to her town and then onward to Little Tokyo on the level below. New excavations were taking place to make room for the swelling populous and she had fingers in every wet sticky pie.

She licked her lips as she watched the heaving lines of scared hungry down-towners and slum rats shuffling their way into her world. She could smell the money as she watched pay their bribes, barter their bodies and surrender their freedom. Behind her the door opened and Red entered, dressed in her office leathers and a black silk choker with a tiny silver bell at its centre.h

"The new recruits are ready for their... interview." Red peered past her employer to the screens and smiled.

"Fresh meat." Rowan returned the smile and added a wink. "Give me a moment to get changed and I'll see you downstairs in five."

As Red made her exit Rowan gave one last glance to the screens watching as an OSEC riot van was set upon by the mob near ramp three. The driver had been trying to climb out the window but an iron bar to the head stopped him dead. Literally.


The initiates stood in a semi circle facing a door. The room in which they stood was ornately furnished as were all the private sweets of the blue rooms. There were seven of them today, three male, four female. Fresh applicants from the surge of city dwellers moving to the Hive. They all looked nervous.

The door opened and Red entered offering them a tight smile. "Let me be clear." she announced to the room, "The work you have applied for pays well. You will be given accommodation, you will be fed. You will even receive medical care."

She looked around the room noting the smiles as she offered the list of their pending benefits. "But!" she snapped the word out with force, "From this moment on you belong to us, to Rowan, body, mind and soul. You do what we say, you go where we say, you fuck who we say..." the door opened interrupting her speech.

Rowan entered the room. She wore a thick crimson cloak that covered her form, her hair jet black and eyes shining emerald green. Jade blusher smeared her cheekbones like warpaint and her lips were painted the same glistening green. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she peered around the room.

"Let is begin." Rowan purred and Red clapped her hands twice.

"Disrobe." she ordered and the room became a flurry of activity as the applicants began to undress. Rowan watched them intently as they worked. They stood there before her, some covering their nakedness as best as they could with hands and arms, others not caring as she appraised their bodies like cattle at the market.

One of the men stood cupping his genitals in both hands his face flushed with embarrassment. She stepped up to him and reached down to remove his hands and grasping with her own. She squeezed until he looked up meeting her eyes.

"Better." a flash of movement to her right and she released the man to grab the arm of another. The other man was holding a knife and she had stopped it inches from her throat. He grimaced as he tried to force the blade home and she squeezed harder feeling her implants click in as she crushed the mans arm. There was a sharp snap of bone and a scream as the man fell back.

"Bitch!" he groaned and she backhanded him knocking him to the ground. The knife clattered to the floor.

"Red?" Rowan stood over the injured man and brought a knee to his face breaking his nose and releasing a gout of fresh blood that began to drip onto the floor. Red was at her side with a pistol drawn and aimed at the mans face.

"Shall I end him?" Red asked, her eyes flashing between anger and fear as she realised what had nearly happened.

"No take him away and find out who sent him." she kicked him in the stomach and as his head lowered he snatched up the knife and stabbed it deep into his right shoulder. One of the women screamed out and Rowan looked over to see the petite blonde sat hugging herself her mouth open in horror.

"Take her with you." Rowan ordered.

Red hustled the naked blonde out of the room and called for security who dragged the would be assassin out to be questioned. The door closed behind them and Rowan turned to face the others. They looked terrified...

"Well wasn't that exciting. Would anyone else like to leave?" silence followed and she rewarded them with a toothy grin.

"Excellent." she reached over and flicked the light switch just as she threw back her cloak. Her tattoos glistened with neon light as she stood before them naked except for the strap-on she wore about her waste. Dim red spot lights came to life around the room and there was an audible click as the door was locked behind her.

"Let's fuck."

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