Saving Grace pt.2

The armed men "escorting" Lawrence remained quiet as the police vehicle traveled through the slums he had known for so long. He didn't miss a single inch of it, but wasn't wanting his grand exit to be in cuffs.
The car stopped outside of another drug den...... his to be exact.
"Arrest any cooks you see inside, do NOT let any escape like you did with him."
The three officers that had arrested him nodded to the fourth that was driving, then left and split up. Two out back and one at the front door.
"No need for such force, these idiots are usually too high to fight or flee."
The driver didn't speak, only looking back with disgust at his prisoner.
The man at the front door used the same battering ram as before to knock in the door, rushing in as sounds of struggle came from inside.
"Remus, report."
A couple seconds of static, then a voice responded.
"Slight struggle, had to beat some down."
"Good job, tie them up and wait for cleanup. I will return after getting Chakel locked up."
One of the men, Remus maybe, came from inside and entered the car.
"What are you doing, I said wai-
A knife jabbed into the drivers throat, the attacker moving to the driver door and throwing the body out.
After seeing this, Lawrence could only assume that he was next and began kicking at the car door. The figure opened it for him, reaching inside only to be kicked away. Laughing at such a stupid move, he turned to run only to be stopped by a fist to his face.
Lawrence woke up swinging, his arms quickly losing strength as withdrawal and being out of shape in general kicked in.
"Easy boss, you've been out for a over a day."
Falling back on the bed and heaving air from the effort, his brow furrowed at the familiar voice.
His partner sat across the room, leaning over a desk that faced Lawrence. A humored smirk came to Micheal's face.
"You gave my one of my guys quite the headache. I say have as much strength as possible when he tries to get even."
Looking over to Micheal, Lawrence kept his confused look.
"The hell am I?"
This brought a chuckle to the muscled man as he stood from his desk and threw open a tattered curtain.
"Where do you think boss? Welcome to the Hive."
Even laying down, Lawrence could see the dark "sky"and the buildings that were almost smashed together. A bright neon sign advertised a nude woman holding a whip.
"Ah, like the view? Whoever was making the mystery drug you were obsessed with liked to sell around here. Plus, had to reward myself for all my hard work right?"
Sitting up and shaking his head to remove THAT image from his mind, he instinctively searched for another shot. He was about to have panic attack when a vial smacked his bare chest.
Nodding his thanks to Micheal, he welcomed the sweet bliss that came over him. With a clear head, he stood and placed himself beside his partner.
"What happened up top? What about the dens?"
"Sorry boss, none of it survived. It's just me and you. Plus the small group of mercs that I hired with your funds and the web of intel I have been gathering."
Too tired to smile, Lawrence patted Micheal on the back.
"God, am I glad to have hired you."

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