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After a brief tour of Micheal's living quarters, Lawrence was shown where he did his business. The bottom level of the apartment complex was below the ground, essentially an unused basement. This provided an extra layer of secrecy.
"So what about getting buyers? I may have lost my tech, but surely you could get some down in this hellhole."
This brought a guffaw out of Micheal, gradually gaining his composure before resting a hand on his boss's shoulder.
"Look, up top your brew may have been top notch. Down here? It is more like drinking coffee to get sober. There are not many who would be looking for your usual shit."
Lawrence's pride brought his temper out to fight, but looking around revealed that he was the scrawniest guy here. He also remembered that this wasn't his business. Micheal had put all of this together, though with his money.
Another realization came to him concerning the drugs. Of course his own supply would be nothing down here, his mystery drug was made down here. If that was the norm....
"So then how will we make any money? Last I knew, it was MY revenue that paid for your operation."
Seeing his boss fume brought a smirk to Micheal, that sort of temper would not do him well down here.
"Fix your recipe, duh. What people like here is a heavy high, with some even liking heavy withdrawals. The old stuff just keeps people going, making them feel good. In the Hive, people want to do anything and feel EVERYTHING."
Remembering what just a taste of the mystery drug felt like, Micheal's advice made sense. This did nothing to calm his nerves however.
"I still need shit to make it then. Get what I need, get me some cooks, and let's get things back in order!"
Not willing to hit anyone and get humiliated, Lawrence settled on kicking a wastebasket before leaving to return upstairs.
After he had left, one of the men that had been listening approached Micheal.
"So what, we take orders from that little shit?"
With the grace and composure of a professional, Micheal kicked the mans feet from under him, grabbing his shirt to stop his face smacking the floor.
"I take orders from the "little shit", you all take orders from me."
Lifting his underling, he patted his chest and sent him out. He looked to the others in the room to make sure they had heard him.
"Treat him like you would me. If anyone gets rough with Lawrence, it's your pay."

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