A View from the Blue

Rowan sat in her chair scanning though the various feeds. She had her bare feet up on the table flicking her toes back and forth as the nails changed colour. She had the tech installed that morning and so far it was amusing her. Pink, wiggle, blue, wiggle, ooo shooting stars.

She popped back a Gas Tab and waiting a few minutes for the world to get really interesting. Red..wiggle, blue and oh mamma. She smiled leaning back into her chair to enjoy the psychedelic toe show.

Some time later when the effects were wearing off, one of the feeds caught her eye and she sat up straight dropping her feet to the ground. Some of her men down it little Tokyo seemed to have picked up a stray. Wandered up from level four by the looks of him, he was currently unconscious and being dragged into a flesh wagon. Food for the pits.

Leaning forward she tapped on the comm to speak to the men down there.

"Busy down here." came a gruff response from one of the bruisers.

"Happy to hear that Dillon." she purred, Does our visitor down there have a name?" She could not help but giggle as she watched her employees on the screen, his eyes widening as he realised who was on the other end of the line.

"Hades I...sorry I mean... Miss Krieger I."

"Who do you have there?" she interrupted him.

"A miner, got lost and got drunk by the looks of him. He's been asking after you and the Blue Rooms apparently."

That got her interest. Why would a level four mole be up in Little Tokyo with her name on his lips?

"I would like to speak to the man."

"What now miss.... ah mam er, Rowan?"

With a yawn she terminated the link and patched through to the other goon on the screen. The AI dragging up his name and Bio onto an adjoining monitor.

"Yes mam?" came the smart reply.

"Sten my dear shoot Dillon in the head will you."

She watched as Sten pulled his gun and blew his friend brains out. Clapping excitedly she patched back in. "Very good. Now Sten, be a darling and get our new friend patched up and brought to my offices."

Dismissing the matter for the time being she flicked her gaze to the news feeds on the screens above. Riots across Downtown. The Bodyshops would be busy tonight.

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